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April 11, 2009



Happy Easter. Those cupcakes below look yummy.

Gillian daSilva

Um, Happy Easter. Whoever you are.


Happy Easter to you and your family! The eggs look so cute.


Gillian wishing you the very best Easter ever!


She sounds like a beautiful woman. She will look down on you, especially tomorrow. I have my palm cross above Guadalupe's picture. ; ) I will think of you when I look at it tonight. ; )

Grey Street Girl

That shot of the eggs is just gorgeous! Happy Easter to you!


Have a wonderful Easter. What a lovely tradition your mom gave you.
BTW, did you receive the jam OK?


hope have a great Taster :o) T


Easter even (note to self watch which keys I strike)


Happy Easter to you and your family Gillian!!
Nice post. You have a creative family!
Have a wonderful time today.
Enjoy every minute of it!!
With love,
your friend,

Tara Bradford

Happy Easter, dearest Gill! Love these Easter traditions. Your girls did a great job with the egg decorations. xoxox


what a sweet story about the palm crosses. i remember the palm leaves with fondness also. how wonderful you still have the last one your mother in law gave you to always remember her. :)

and holy cow! willow's photography stream! is she really only 12? so wise and talented. how on earth did you ever find her?

hope your easter was wonderful!


Hope you had a Happy Easter...and your Vanessa inspired eggs are beautiful!



Oh! Those eggs are works on art. I love it. I wonder if Sloane would like to do that for next year? We always try to do a different kind of egg each year. This year, it was glitter eggs. Fun, but we are still all wearing glitter on our faces and hands.

Gillian daSilva

The glitter gets everywhere! Days later we see a sparkle on a cheek.

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