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April 19, 2009


Tara Bradford

That's weird; I just left a comment, which seems to have vanished. Ah, Singer - the best sewing machines! I still have my late grandmother's original Singer, plus a couple of models since. Jordana has four machines, including an industrial model for her designs (that's not a Singer). Lovely images of your day. Will email you. xoxox


My mom had a Singer sewing machine. I don't know what ever happened to it. I could have used it over the years!

That is beautiful silver.

Great commercial. Brings back good memories. :)

Grey Street Girl

Beautiful machines! My mom had a singer too - it was Martha Stewart green. Gorgeous shots. :)


Lovely photos! Mom will give a 1913 Singer but I just don't know if I will be able to bring it with me (from Brazil). It's so heavy! It used to belong to my great!


Something is wrong with Typepad..I just lost everything I posted!
Anyhow, I was writing that I appreciate the beauty in such old machines like those singers. My sister has my grandmother's old Singer and my sister-in-law has my late mother-n-law' old singer as well. I have a new little Jenome but hope one day that I can find a beautiful Singer that runs marvelously:)
No plans for Summer. I personally want to work non stop on my dolls as I have been too busy to do so. My husband teaches so he has the summer off. We hope to take a week off to go somewhere on a road trip to someplace we havent been.
Have a wonderful Sunday Gillian:)


I love how you titled this post, and the outa sight clip...is just groovy! You leave me wanting a rock flower and a record player!!

Funny, I ran into an friend at the 3-day fair who still owns two record players and listens to her classic rock LPs all the time. I wonder if they still sell rock flowers. I'd buy her all three!

NYC sounds wonderful! I plan to attend my 25-yr. high school reunion in upstate NY and go on another Caribbean cruise. Orlando's water parks are also part of the plan.

Enjoy your week, Chica!

PS - Love the first pic of the sewing machine. It ROCKS!

soeurs du jour

i love the vintage look of the photo. we are heading to the lake for as much time as we can this summer and then costa rica next winter.


I cannot sew at all:( My daughter is taking Costume Studies at University. How strange it is to me that she LOVES to sew:) We have a very old Singer machine in our basement that I really should take out and polish up.
The last picture here of the cutlery is beautiful.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

I can't even sew on a button, let alone plug in a machine and stitch up the world. Summer plans? Lots and lots of family time. My Oma turns 90 and my Mom turns 70. Hugs and cake galore.

And those rockin' flower dolls? Simply fantabulous!!

Keeping you and your family in my daily prayers.
xo, Graciel


Gilly did you buy that red singer? Oh tell me it came home with you! I am officially pea green with envy. I miss NYC so much!


that singer is a

b e a u t y


reminds me of my mothers:)


Aloha Gill..
I love these. My Friend Denise has over 50!!! sewing machines. She's a quilter and rescues them from oblivion.
Summer finds me just taking local trips and things close to the house, but that's OK.. (maybe a mini ocean break)

Peace n wuvs, Kai xx

Gillian daSilva



I already have two sewing machines. But, it was so beautiful I had to
photograph it.

The black and white one is a hand crank, from 1895. They make GORGEOUS
reproductions to sell to third world and other areas without electricity.

They are all works of art.

But the red one, sung to me. xo


I have two Singers. One is really old, and is one of those ones which you have to work with your feet - no electricity. I haven't used that in years. The new one has hardly been used at all. I never seem to find time for sewing. Lovely images.


The red one lookes really irresistable. I wish it was mine.


"words and images from a life lived well"

came here after a long time blue, and am loving every moment of it. waiting for your next post.

lots of love and yellow marigolds for you


Hey Blue! Yeah, it's me, the infrequent visitor! I've been following some of your "You might enjoy these stories" links. What a clever idea. And yes, I did enjoy several of them. That photo of the swan was outstanding. I'm asking permission to capture it for painting. Please?

I saw the link to Oceandreamers paintings. Even before reading, I recognized her work at once. Does that mean you are GOOD when your work is getting recognized? I think so.

Take care. xoxoxoxo

Gillian daSilva

I desaturated the colour, it is a brilliant oxblood red, I wish I had
bought it! xo

Gillian daSilva

Yes, Lisa is one of my fave artists and people. That's it.I have to call
her today. LOL

Yes, paint the swan! I'll send you the full shot. Tonight, because today is
busy busy.

Hope you are doing well, think of you often. xoxo


Thank you Gillian. The swan's head shot is enough. That's where the
intrigue is. I'll just capture it from your blog. Have a great, profitable,
and happy day! xoxoxo judie
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beautiful images Gillian, I also have my mothers old Singer machine, beautiful to look at and practical too.


Love that Singer! Dang, I wish I lived close to NY. ; )


I absolutely love these photos...great blog too.

I'm a quilter so I enjoyed the sewing machines...the husqvarna is so cool.

I will be visiting again soon.


outta site!!! How did I miss these girls?

Happy Earth Day to you! NYC again! lucky lucky lucky



I've had several different sewing machines. I like the old singer best. It is so easy to use!

Account Deleted

i would have bought the Beauty
even if i did have 2
at home...


i am so extravagant with your $$$

angelina hart

love the outa sight! my dad worked right next to mattel so i was a kid toy tester but that was the mid 70's so i missed these groovy gals! too bad. i was a tester for barbie fashion plates, baby sneezy- a baby you filled with water in the nether regions and then when you squeezed her tummy she sneezed on you-just what every little girl dreams of! - and some other real gems. ah, the 70's...

Gillian daSilva


I did too! Fashion plates, was my whole world! And the styling head
thingie, with the curlers and the lipsticks. Ah the good old 70's!

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