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April 14, 2009



Happy Birthday Julian!!! You lucky guy you!

Gabrielle Kai Photography

So sweet - happy birthday!


Happy Birthday,Julian. May you have many, happy returns!!

Tara Bradford

Bonne anniversaire to the lucky guy! Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration and that the year ahead is filled with possibility, excitement, adventure and of course, love! xoxox

soeurs du jour

julian and gillian. now that's cute. happy birthday J.


Aloha Gillian,
Happy birthday to your sugah!! I think it's wonderful that he's given you such selfless gifts. His heart, his soul and his eternal love.. (Hurry up n marry him already..lol)
And in return, two beautiful children to carry on your legacy..
So yah.. Happy birthday Jull's and thank you for making my friend so happy :)
Peace, Kai n Md xx


Short and sweet works. You said so much in very little words. Happy Birthday to your man!!

Btw, I love that U2 song. Brings back memories of snow and warm boots in upstate NY! :)


Hope his birthday was cool like him.
Oh and check out the handsome profile.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

If he makes you laugh, he's the keeper of all keepers. And yes to protecting privacy. When, oh, when is the glorious, big day??

Thinking of you and sending hugs. Do I hear last part of May or beginning of June calling for a little Niagara On The lake revelry?



Your love was born today, your heart's own ever morn
You celebrate with him today, the day your love was born

All the best Julian - lucky buck.


Love this pic. Happy Belated J!


He sounds like a keeper, Gill. You're blessed to have found each other.

Account Deleted



{{ but
for you,

i knew he would be }}


Happy, happy birthday to the laugh-making builder of colorful rooms. Julian, may your year be full of unexpected blessings, happy surprised, and more laughs than ever.

pam aries

Happy Birthday t o a lucky guy...haha! You rock Sistah! I a m in my Tropical Paradise ! I absolutely love it! .ps: I closed my blog but will open another one later. I'll email you. You would love it here!


Happy HAPPY birthday!!!


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