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April 17, 2009


soeurs du jour

love this colour. doing the same things. windows open. cleaning the house. taking the camera out and hopefully, woot, catch a couple of rays.


love the pic! i have to admit that when i read the first item on the list, i read it as "frost-resistant panties" and i did stop for a second and wonder about that. i was relieved to reread and realize it was those cheerful little flowers. :-)

the post with fatima's pictures is indeed stunning.

have a lovely weekend!


a turquoise spa....mmmmmmm

yes, Fatima's photographs are so stunning and her story so touching. Happy that she is finding love and success.



It's nice to have a little "me" time once in awhile. Enjoy!


Aloha gill..
Oh can I ever relate to this.. (Sometimes it's the only time I get that's not interupted by feeding and watering time of the masses..)
Today I've followed your lead and opened my windows and this weekend begins the creation of my summer outdoor oasis.. :)
PEace and bright blessings..

Grey Street Girl

Very ambitious agenda, my dear! I hope you have fun!

Tara Bradford

Dearest Gill, I love the light and shadow and evocative feel of this photo! Hope you are having much success and satisfaction from your tasks at hand. Isn't it nice to have a little time, all to yourself?

Thank you so much for linking to Fatima's photos. The more people who can see her wonderful work, the better.

Much love to you! xoxox


Nice photo! I like your new header too!


It sounds as though everything is unfolding as it should. The natural course of things. With a marriage to the love of your life on the horizon. You're such a sweet soul, Gill, no one deserves it more. xoxo

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