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April 30, 2009



enjoy your weekend beautiful xo


You and I have the exact same taste in music! Great minds right?


just stopping by and waving :-)


I want to have café with you at Cafe Wha, Chica! Take me with you!!

All my best to your sweet little girl. Have a wonderful weekend cranking up your favorite tunes!!

A. Jarrett

I love this capture - the red bag makes it really pop.

NYC - Fun!

Pam aries

Hi Gillian..Typepad won't let me comment for some reason....hope B is doing better. Have fun planning your rich trip t o NYC! Let me know when you come to FLA !!!!


I'm not sure how I stumbled here, but your blog makes me smile big time! Thanks for the little added touch of beauty in my day. :)

Deborah Carr

Love the muted colours and girlishness of the image - feet filled with earnestness and just a little uncertainty.


One of the joys of travel is planning!
Have a lovely weekend.

Lisa Swifka

So sorry about B and her tonsils.....I know everyone was geared for it to go as scheduled. My friends daughter had hers out when she was 3 and before they were to put her out they asked "did you eat today?" (it was about 7:30 in the a.m.) She not only told them that she had eaten but proceeded to regale them with tales of scrambled eggs etc. They had to stop and come out to the waiting room to confirm with my friend that in fact it had NOT happened. I think she knew they couldn't operate if she had eaten, the cheeky monkey!
Anyway, another trip to NYC, how fabulous. There is no end to things to do and see. I went 3 years in a row and I am ready now to go again. May I ask? Who are your traveling companions this time?
I am finally coming up for air after weeks of working to get things finished and my shop finally open!!
Big hugs,


I hope the cutie pie, feels lots better.

Magnolia= love

; )


Ooooh, I'm so jealous! NYC is my absolute favorite city. Have fun!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, poor little tonsils, so fragile and painful... I hope they leave soon, and bring little B peace...



Dear Gillain,
Sorry about your angels tonsils!! Hope she is feeling better now as you read this.
Oh how I do share in your joy in going back to the City.
Like all of your C's! It will be an inspiring sojourn!!
SO happy for your plans!



About a hundred years ago I had my tonsils out, way before this age of "painfree" drugs. Mostly I remember I got to have lots and lots of ice cream, and the nurses gave me very special attention. It was so nice that when I came home I wanted to go back! Hope the experience is just as good for your little angel. Nurses are special people!


Anywhere that has good cupcakes is the best place to go...for sure!



nothing quite so heart rending than our children not being well....hoping she is up and running around very soon! AND your trip to NY!! fun FUN!



Hope she feels better soon. Sending positive vibes your way.

Love the composition of this shot.

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