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March 24, 2009



Sounds fabulous! Wish I was there too ;)


Me too:) Wish I was there!!! Hope you have a great night:)


Oh, my gosh, I am soooooo jealous!


Oh Gillian that sounded devine! Complete with a gorgeous little bag. As to twitter, I have been for a little while on it, loving it.


This sounds wonderful..... I'd have to come early for a massage though!

Gillian daSilva

LOL! Me too :)
God, that reminds me, I'm overdue. I must book!!!


Wonderful... sounds great...


I keep hearing about Twitter, but am intimidated... :(

I SO wish I were there for your women's night. I know it will be lovely, and fun, and bonding. Have a wonderful time!

Gabrielle Kai Photography

I wish I were there! (I love this kind of stuff!)

Tara Bradford

Wish I could have been there for the Spa night! Sounds like such fun. As for Twitter, who has the time? It's been around for three years and I'm resisting. xoxox

Gillian daSilva

Not me! But it is such fun :)
I was on there last year, with Facebook, and I axed both. We'll see how long I last this time.
Like you, I'm a busy gal.


oh my gosh !! so wish i could have been there :-) now am off to find your twitters!! tee hee


Your spa/art night sounds fantastic!!!

I am on facebook and do NOTHING there, it's all I can do to keep up with my blog....good for you to try all this stuff!!


Oh to be in Oshawa for Spa/Art Night....


I wish I could be there too, sounds like a fun time:-) I'm not on Twitter but I am on Facebook...between that and blogging, it's a full time job! lol xoxo


dang, why must i live so far away. : )


A Fanciful Twist

I am there in spirit ;) ;) xoxo


Oh, boy do I wish I were there, too. What a wonderful evening you must have had. Do tell...


Looks like a super fun event, G! Lucky ladies!


Sounds like heaven! Lucky you, lucky them.
Like you, I love being gathered with woman! Makes me happy.
Hope you are well friend!


Hope you had a fun time!

Gillian daSilva

Hi C
It was strangely enough very emotional. The vision boards we created were very powerful.
I made one years ago visualizing owning the spa. Right down to the decor, and it all happened. They work! :)
And yes, we bonded. Gathered women have that effect on me too. xox
(Wish you could have been here.)


Aloha Gill,
How wise and wonderful you are to have a good time with a plethora of wild women..
I can imagine the smiles, treats, eats and hugs..
Peace and hugs, Kai


Sounds lovely.

gypsy alex

i'm so glad you enjoyed time with the girls! and I will have to do a vision board myself. i've been thinking about it for a while, so i should just get on it. thanks for the encouragement! xo

soeurs du jour

i could use a little spa treatment.

karen cole

Oh Gillian, it sounds like a dream that I wish I had been part of. A gathering of women (and I do adore my husband) is my favorite place to be. The energy is like no other and sharing it with you would be magical.

Wayfaring Wanderer

I have always wanted to try some Dermalogica products. I assume that you give them the stamp of approval cause I see some samples! Sounds like a fun evening. I'm in the middle of getting ready to go to the photographer reception for the Appalachian Mtn Competition I am a part of. I am really looking forward to it!


I wish I could be there! I need some time out with a group of women. And a goodie bag, too!!

Sorry I haven't been visiting for such a long time. I get busy in the studio and forget to come up for air!! Even HB wonders where I am all the time.


when do have the time to do this blog and tweeting too...wow! you are one busy lady


I like yur business cards!

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