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March 31, 2009


susanna's sketchbook

This Girl - that would be you, sweet Gillian - is gorgeous! Your description on yourself, right now at this moment in time, makes me smile. I hope you keep a copy of this for your future self. :)


Who could not fall in love with that girl? You are enchanting my friend.

Gabrielle Kai Photography

I love this! So good to get to know you a better~

P.S. You are so pretty!


Love your writing! And I really like the way you include your readers in so many posts, inviting them to participate. The description you wrote of yourself sounds marvelous and you are so beautiful!

This girl loves the rain, yet heralds the sunshine. She longs for peace, tranquility and enduring love. She is a caretaker, a mother, a sister... a daughter. She does not give up on hope nor faith. She is me and I am enjoying my journey!

Tara Bradford

"This girl" is turning into quite a writer. And I'm so pleased and proud you're shining your light into the world, to dazzle us all! Love you, dearest Gill. xoxox

A Fanciful Twist

Gillian, this is so incredibly beautiful!! I LOVE it!! I will think about my own little words... I feel like so many things.. Orbitting like you!! xoxo

Gillian daSilva

LOL...actually Tara, "this girl" has been blogging successfully for three years without doing any writing. :)
I am just sticking my toe in the water to see if I can stand the water...! The rest of the iceberg is submerged, and will show itself little by little. It only took me three little years to trust in my audience. Slow, aren't I? (Thanks to you for your constant encouragements. You are a true friend.)

Gillian daSilva

Yoli, I'm starting. It is a neat thing, to look at yourself. I want YOU to do this! Please!!! xo

Tara Bradford

Well it's about time you unleashed your writing skills on us all! And I'm quite sure you can not only stand the water, but swim beautifully! I will be cheering, as you swim your laps. xoxox

P.S. I was so enchanted by your piece, I linked to you in today's post. :)


What a delightful description of you! I love it. Can you write mine?


Gillian daSilva

Yes! Just give me a day or two..I'd love to! xo

Gillian daSilva

I shall Susanna, thank you for the compliment too :)
I'd love to read what others think of themselves...we really have to nurture self-love and self-acceptance. It is far too easy to focus on what is wrong sometimes.

Gillian daSilva

Aww I'm glad you liked it and thank you very much. I of course only post the flattering photos. Like everyone else!~:)

Gillian daSilva

Thank you MAWB, you know, I really want others to participate. Some do, some don't. Whatever floats your boat. But I really like it when everyone joins in. Like you did today, thanks for playing! :) xo

Gillian daSilva

Tara thank you that is an honour. Truly. I just love ya! xoxo

Gillian daSilva

V~Please do this. I just know yours will be all caravans and purple silk and guitars. And Mexican food and puppets and shoes. And Anthro. And good costume jewelry.
C'mon, you know you want to....
{just a little peer pressure}


Aloha Gillian,
This girl is semi-wrinkled, sweet as lemons, tranquil in the ocean, at home on a desert island..

This is a neat post,
xxx peace, Kai


This girl loved knowing you better. What a special girl you are. Your writing is wonderful.

As far as this girl is for today is not normal. This girl today is grumpy from fighting computer issues. Later this week this girl will be happy, at peace, exploring outdoors, discovering new blossoms & flowers, this girl will sing happy songs of joy to celebrate computer problems solved, work challenges done, and breathe a sigh of relief. Whew!


solituding well. i like that.


She is sweet as mandarin, boldly turquoise, shining emerald, rich coffee. --> Is this really you?
Who am I? A bit of me is hidden on my journal. More can be found in my real life.

soeurs du jour

i love it that you love yourself. i am looking forward to more.

Gillian daSilva

It is only the tip of the iceberg of who I am. Like you, I only have a real life so it is much brighter, and bolder than you read here on these pages.

Gillian daSilva

Thanks! I love that I love myself too...because for years I didn't. More of us should love ourselves, do you agree? If we did what a magical place this would be~!

Gillian daSilva

Aloha my frangipani friend~
I love all the things that you are. It's why we are friends.

Gillian daSilva

Oh I forgot that I am now chai applebutter too. Mmmm! Marilyn I cannot say enough about how delicious that is. Love :)
I like that you will escape outdoors away from your computer to make yourself joyful! I await springs flowers and buds eagerly too.

Gillian daSilva

I need alone time. Everyday. I really enjoy my own company, and I really need quiet and solitude to recharge my batteries. It is almost meditative for me, as I find my center again and can then face people, challenges, work, etc. I swear detachment from the world even for just one hour can do miracles.


This girl is wonderful to read first thing in the mrning, with all her wonderful phrases & pictures painted with words. " . . . solitudes well . . " I LOVE that! Mangoe-ing. Twirling! So happy-making for the rest of us! :)


Your beauty shines through your words and photo Gillian..your friends must see you as a gift in their life!
Right now this girl is struggling with doubts..that happens from time to time..sometmes relief comes looking back in hindsight. In the meantime I'm doing my best as I am a very determined person nonetheless:)

That family form Santa Cruz is awesome..what a fortunate girl they have!!


Well, now that you've given me permission to talk about myself...(Don't get me started, Chica...but you asked for it!) ;)

You once mentioned we are a lot alike and I agree. Reading this post felt like reading my own journal, only I couldn't have expressed myself as beautifully as you've done here.

You know me and mangos. We go way back...to the little island, that pearl in the Caribbean, that we both know and love. The one with all the beautiful beaches and all that white rice.

I am a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a discoverer of new and exciting people, places and things. I want to live abundantly, OUT LOUD, and have little or no regrets.

One day I hope to be the little old lady that brings life and love to the young folks in her life, the ones that are drawn to her because her spirit is so young, free, nonjudgmental and compassionate. That would give me peace.


Gillian a beautiful description of this girl's uniqueness!
You know and accept yourself which allows you to live a full life!Great post pretty lady!


This girl has been around the block a few times...
it ain't my first rodeo uh huh! And with each go round
more fascinating discoveries...everything seems new again as if I was seeing things for the first time.
:-)Love being a lifelong learner...


gillian, i played along and wrote a similar post. :-) it was a great exercise. i loved writing in 3rd person! http://julochka.blogspot.com/2009/04/this-girl.html

thank you for the inspiration!



Your heart is as big as an ocean! Gorgeous lady!

Lisa Swifka

This was wonderful.....when you write a sense of serenity comes from your words.
I did this (sort of) in my "About" page...I did it as a stream of conciousness that encapsulates all that makes up who I am.
I think everyone should just let themselves begin typing ALL that pertains to them...it's quite revealing!
I am sorry for my absence, I'm working hard to get that shop ready!
KNow I think of you with love...OFTEN!

pam aries

What a fabulously delicious post! Rich in content and full of Indigo !!! Funny that you should write this...I have been thinking about who I am. Yesterday thoughts were rolling around in my head about how I would describe me. hmmmm.... Good fodder.


You're a wonderful writer, Gill. That's never been a question in my mind. I'm so happy that your feeling safe in revealing even more of your talent.

I love your description of yourself. It captures your essence quite beautifully. I think I might do a post along these lines. I need to exercise my self-love muscles. :)

Gillian daSilva

Debi! How are YOU??
Thanks lovely, your comments brought a smile to my face.
(r u doing one?)

Gillian daSilva

Hello Du Buh Du girl :)
thank you...of course I only delved into the positive things I see...I suppose the whole truth can be revealed in time, right? But it was a day for feeling more empowered so my focus was on the good stuff. (I too, like everyone struggle with doubts...and I think that would make a wonderful post on it's own.) You are determined and I'm thankful, because you are one of my sources of inspiration.
Yes, the soultravelers3 are so fabulous...they linked recently a 'how to' post on their blog for families who crave world travel. They live on such little money! ($25,000 per year). I will find the link and post it next time, it's very interesting.

Gillian daSilva

Chica! The land of white rice, and BEANS! But I love those little churros too, with my cafe con leche. Oh dear, get me to a travel agent, stat!!! I must go to Cuba this year. I'd get married there but some of my American friends would be out of luck, so no go! :(
You are all those things and more. You are already that lady, one day you will be old yes, but for now you are still the lady who people are drawn too. You have such joie de vivre!!!

Gillian daSilva

38 years to self acceptance...I'm not fully there yet. This was an exercise in trust, and bravery. But well worth it. I see many friends who want to talk about themselves too, it's very liberating!!! xoxo

Gillian daSilva

You are the teacher too Gemma. Those Sedona vortexes must be charging you up constantly, your divine nature just beams out of you.

Gillian daSilva

Thanks for playing Julochka...I went this morning and read it and loved it. It was perfection, and good to know you better.
Nikon girl ;)

Gillian daSilva

Look who's talking!


This girl is wondering why every comment she's left on every blog today has disappeared, but says never mind, she will comment again. Solitudes well, I said this morning - what a wonderful thing. And taking a bucket to the seashore - I really accidentally typed SHEshore, and I kind of like that, too! Love this much!


Oh. NOW my first comment appears. :)


Gillian - I have played along on my blog, and just posted - I am now a "This Girl" too.

Gillian daSilva

Oh you need to do another one! You do!
I miss you. I really should call you in the morning. No clients are booked, I'll be here dusting the baseboards so let's chat.

Gillian daSilva

It's good to think of ourselves. With so much energy directed outwardly at all times we tend to neglect the caretaker, us.
The little experiment is working...so many women have responded positively. We need to talk about ourselves. I hope you do one, I'd love to read more. I know you love vortexes and swimming in rivers, greyhounds and glitter...what else should we know?

Gillian daSilva

Steph it is so nice that you are blogging again. :)
I'm not tooting my horn here but I have so much more to write. I'm going to do another one again some time...it is a nice expression and frees others to do just the same. I feel very strongly that we are taught to play small and loathe ourselves, it is a trick instilled by "the man" to sell products and keep us craving fashion, beauty, surgery and more more more. Don't get me wrong, I like all those things, yes even surgery if it makes you happy but on YOUR OWN terms. Ya know? Not because I'm told to or should. I am through with keeping up appearances.
I am what I am. I simply wanted to share. Are you doing a post?

Gillian daSilva

Debi thank you, for your interest and for doing a post of your own. I read it and I thought you did a brilliant description of you. More raw and honest of you, like Julochka's. Next post I'll stick another toe in the water and share more of the things that maybe aren't so acceptable...like my quick temper.
Counting to ten...



I have read this post four times. I keep looking for the perfect thing to say in my comment. This is just a perfect, wonderful post. I have to say, I like this girl (you). I like this girl (me), too. I have to write a post like this. Soon.


Hi Gillian,
Same goes for me, I can't believe I haven't visited your blog before today!
You are gorgeous girl! love this post, every "last lick of it" :-)


Yes, this will be my next post. Up in a couple of days. The words on this front don't spring from me as beautifully, or naturally or...purely as they do from you. You're a precious soul, Gill. A lovely energy that we're all quite blessed to have touch our lives.

Gillian daSilva

Relyn I was hoping you would write one. I'm going to come sit by your fire when you do! :)
Let me know when it is up.
I'm visiting tonight after work, my day has me doing taxes, payroll, and other necessities.

Gillian daSilva

LOL!!! I know, weird to be flickr friends and not clue in to the blog thing. :)
But no worries, we're here now! xoxo


Okay, Gill, my post is up!


Hi beautiful! You are original and I love you!
One day, may I twirl with you?

Gillian daSilva

Such a beautiful post Steph. Thank you! xo

Gillian daSilva

Yay! Twirl away xoxo
Of course...


I love what you wrote to Tara, that girl has been blogging for 3 years and decided to start writing.

This girl has been one of few words, letting pictures speak those thousands of words. This girl is trying to stretch her wings into deeper living, she might not be brave enough to 'speak' that loudly on her own blog but will share that she has such joy that her daughter has found love, this girl is loving the music of Leonard Cohen, so deep and rich. This girl enjoys the inspiration that has changed her world here and where others spread their wings.


Gillian daSilva


What I wrote to Tara was true. Funny isn't it?

Your photographs and art speak a thousand words, it's true. Even your
visual signature of x..x is so distinguishable, that when I see it to me it
reads "Stephanie".

I love your blog for the infusion of colour, it's exotic-ness, it's life

Leonard Cohen, sigh.have loved him for years too. I found him via "The
Future" then delved into his past. What a man. :-)

Yes blogging has been that for me too, inspiring and world-changing.in a
good way.

Thanks for joining in here. xo


i am leaving a comment although i have not even read your entire post yet.

i found this through another blog, which i found through one that i visit regularly.

i started to read yours, and i could tell i would start crying if i finished it. so i stopped. i like this idea, and i am going to do one myself—as it sounds very therapeutic.

then i plan to come back and read yours.

i can tell from one click onto your blog that it is one i would enjoy and will be back to visit.


I really loved your self-description, Gillian! Wonderful photograph, too! :-)

Me, i am a little brown mouse hoping for a bit of cheese. I have big brown eyes to see in the half light and to watch for crumbs and cats. I live in a cozy little burrow filled with straw and things I've collected. When the weather gets warm, I venture outside, but i stay out of sight. My senses are keen, and I can be industrious, but I am not beautiful. And so I envy the cat.

Gillian daSilva

Thank you for visiting...do let me know if you decide to post something. It sounds like you should definitely do one of these. xo


This girl ~ sounds fabulous and like someone i could easily hug and want to know, uh huh. xo

my castle in spain

Fabulous post Gillian ! and to me you are certainly boldly turquoise, sweet and witty for sure....

Keep being you sweetie...
I would love to meet "this girl" in real flesh one day!!

muchos besitos


I will try again to comment, but it never seems to "take"...
I'm not sure who I am, other than the obvious wife, mother, grandmother and friend.
I've been too involved in 'doing' to think about 'being'.
BUT, I am trying to listen to my inner voice, and perhaps, if I don't interrupt it, it will tell me what I seem to have been missing..

big hugs

julie at Bv


I'm not sure if my comment went through but I love your blog. This post in particular,it makes things more personal and interesting.

Gillian daSilva

thanks Shay...xo
You are no mouse!

Gillian daSilva

Perhaps we'll meet one day, after all, we have excellent taste in friends, don't we? xo

Gillian daSilva

I'm dreaming of spain, I must visit you soon. Love and thanks for the beautiful comment xoxo

Gillian daSilva

When you tune in and listen, the world is your oyster.
Love you!

Gillian daSilva

Julie thank you so much. I'm flattered!
I'll be by to visit you as soon as my work is done, it is crunch time with expense reports and marketing...so much to do, and so little time to blog. Alas, I am working this hard to free up more time and $$$ to blog to my hearts content in the future.......

Robin Laws

what a pretty photo and you look like you are in the midst of a discovery while looking at yourself in that mirror! i am loving the look, the twirling you, the friendly and the funny you :)


I dont know if you got my comment- it seems to have disappeared! :( This is what I said -
I love the way you write & i love the way you are & hre's sending a hug all the way from India for being the rockstar you are!!!

Gillian daSilva

It takes one to know one! Thank you for the sweet flattering compliment.

Vineeta you have an amaaaazing weekend! You've just made my day, thank you.



Thanks for inspiring me to do my own This Girl post. It was a fun reflection time!



i love love love your blog. love love love this post. i have been looking for inspiration to revive my blog. have been an inconsistent blogger. but your post has revived the blogger in me. you can find "this girl" at http://urbaniche.blogspot.com/.

thank you


hey i blog hopped to yours through a friend who picked up this exercise- was so uplifting to actually write out stuff about yourself. :) thanks for the great exercise.


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