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March 03, 2009



Love your photography and words.


Remember.. it's about the journey, not the destination....

Beautifully written....


Lovely winged messenger!
Slumdog was wonderful. I had no idea what to expect when I saw it a few months ago. Was completely absorbed. My daughter downloaded the soundtrack!
Happy week to you!
Cheers, Shelagh


Such a beautiful post my friend. I am here crying like a fool.


yes, i loved that movie and that photo is so gorgeous ... sigh

pam aries

WOOO! I won..?!! You like me ..you like me!!! you really like me! Gotta love Sally Fields. THank you..i'll email you . Whee! I am rich!


Since my mother doesn't play hookey, I plan to kidnap her when Pedro Almodóvar's next film comes out and have her spend the afternoon with me on South Beach. You've inspired me.

The Winged Messenger piece is awesome. I love the quote!

Btw, this train post is beautifully written. The journey isn't long...we should make the most of it and enjoy each other's company providing comfort and support whenever needed. I'm with you, Chica! ;)

A Fanciful Twist

I just love the wingednesssss!! And traveling to many destinations, wonderful!!

AS for life and trains, and slum dog millionaire...

Yes we are so out of control. And sometimes, we can't even begin to grasp the lack of control we have - until something happens that shows us...

You are a beautiful soul!!

All my love!! xoxo, V


I positively love these winged messengers. Bliss! I can't help but read your words again, they just welcome me in.


Aloha Gill.
When I first saw the picture, the song.
"On the wings of love
Up and above the clouds
The only way to fly
Is on the wings of love
On the wings of love
Only the two of us
Together flying high
Flying high
Upon the wings of love"
It's a song by Jeffery Osbourne.
The song has always lifted my spirit when I'm feeling a little blue or like now..under the weather..
It's a beautiful photo with a gorgous sentiment..
peace, kai

Account Deleted

Blessed Be to this tender hearted, wisdom filled post. Muah to you dearest!


Tara Bradford

I adore Susannah's project and the fact that you and your mom went to the beach (in the freezing cold) to take photos! Isn't that film wonderful? As for the train ride analogy, I've always loved trains - that's one of the best things about living in Europe! Come to Paris and we'll take a train to London. Or come to London and we'll take a train to Paris. Or Madrid. Or Bonn. Or Amsterdam. Anywhere you like! And you're so right about the control thing - not working - have to be ready for anything! Love to you! xoxox

david mcmahon

This blog is a creative haven. Enjoyed catching up on your recent posts.


Oh my gosh, Gillian! I just arrived this evening and discovered the photo of the wings and read your beautifully-written post. Thank you, you have me smiling tonight. *smile*

I also like your analogy of life and train rides and how when Life seems out of our hands, we need to relax, make the best of it, and remember to be kind to everyone around us. When my husband and I were living in different countries (Canada/US), I would catch a train once a month to visit him. Over eight hours (sometime 12 hours!), the train would meander through the countryside and through old towns with abandoned farmhouses, even abandoned mansions, and it was like getting a history lesson in what life was like before planes and superhighways. Once, in the middle of nowhere, we passed a man sitting on the top of a boulder playing his guitar and singing at the top of his lungs. We were in the middle of nowhere being serenaded by a stranger! Amazing.


Hi Gill,
So happy that Susanna's Winged messanger gave you and your mum the "green light" to let go for a few hours and have an adventure!

The Movie Slumdog, I have not seen yet, but will soon and look forward to it (also with my mom).

The chaos you speak of, do you think it is particular to now, or do you think it has always been & will always be?

It brightened my day that you dropped by.
you are a jewel!!


Gillian daSilva

HI sweetie Constance;

About the chaos.it is a now thing. Just a phase. But we are all in a state
of upheaval and change.

It is my thought that there is a test happening at the moment.

Gee I hope I pass!!! ;)

(I know you will.)


Gillian daSilva

A train ride through that type of terrain, with old homes and buildings that were once loved sitting idly by...oh how picture perfect.
Your description of the man singing with the guitar almost gives me chills, as I think of him as a ghost...as in the Polar Express...the man on top of the train.
Maybe your serenader was....of another plane?

Gillian daSilva

The film was wonderful, love conquers all. But the slums saddened me, how children are exploited and used.
Oh I'd love to take a train anywhere with you...I have a feeling we'd be laughing and having a grand time. London to Paris sounds great.

Gillian daSilva

Thanks David.
I ebb and flow. When I'm here I'M HERE and when I'm not




Gillian daSilva

I am pleased to share my humble brain thinkings with you dearest.

Gillian daSilva

I'm singing it right now...and as soon as I read it I knew...and began the song.
All I need is a polyester leisure suit and a big ass brandy glass for the top of my piano.
lounge-lizard style!

Gillian daSilva

Thank you Christina...you flatter me too much lady! xo

Gillian daSilva

Hey V,
Remember I tried the Sticky Lemon Chicken?
Too good! I had the leftovers in a wrap today for lunch...OH dear I think we've found a winner!!!
Tonight was a humble yet delicious casserole featuring ground lean angus and macaroni al dente. So fabulous.
YOU are a beautiful soul!!!!!!!!!!!

Gillian daSilva

My mum wrote the guide to playing HOoky!
Hooky for Dummies!!! LOL
Yes, enjoying each other and helping, serving...what else is there.
Don't you notice when you are helping others and DOING for others and making sure OTHERS are great...

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting the better deal.

Gillian daSilva

Yes Pammellaallaaaa
YOu are rich.
And yes, like you, heck, you are so liked it is ridiculous.

Gillian daSilva

thanks Daisies...glad you like the photo. Minus twelve degrees. Thank goodness the cold spell is over.

Gillian daSilva

You are so empathetic. How can a girl skilled at epee and other fencing tricks be as sensitive as you?

Gillian daSilva

The soundtrack!!! Of course!!! Guess what I'm downloading tomorrow.
I loved the dance number at the end. I wanted to get up and join them.

Gillian daSilva

That's right. Along the way we'll need some Pocknis interpreters...you up for the task?

Gillian daSilva

...and I love your Chai Applebutter. At least I think I do.
Looking forward to the two jars that are winging their way here..I'm grinning just thinking about it!
Thanks too, btw.


What a creative and great post Gillian. Thank you.

Ashwathy Nair

Gorgeous photography!


Hi Friend,
May we all become free,
may our hearts remain open,
may we be healed!
Lots of love,

ps Gill,
Is this a trackback?
If so can you tell me what to look up in typepad to make responses like you and Tara.
I CAN't figure it out!!!

A Fanciful Twist

HI LOvely!! Oh we feel the exact same about the lemon chicken!!!! I LOVE
it the day after!!!

I am going to try more of those recipes.... I will let you know!!

Vanessa Valencia {A Fanciful Twist}

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I would love if Susanna would do a book of all the winged messengers in all their glory.

Slumdog was a hard one for me...I would not call it a love story but a survival story, I love how all his life experiences fed into the game. Did you see the cast at the Academy Awards? All the kids...so wonderful!


Kindnesses costs nothing and are worth everything. So, so true. I teach second grade and have noticed that more and more, our students do not practice even the most basic of common courtesies. I'm afraid those courtesies are no longer common. To help remedy this I teach an etiquette lesson each week. It's only about 20 minutes a week, but you know, they look forward to it all week long.

The first thing I teach them is how to look people in the eye and why they should. The second lesson is how to shake hands. The third is how to introduce yourself. We combine all three lessons as we practice. There are so many thing parents seem to think their children will learn by osmosis. Not so. We must teach them. By example and explicitly.

Ok. I've gone off on a tangent. You've touched on a passion of mine - teaching. I'll stop now. Happy Sunday.

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