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March 06, 2009



A kiss for Madison and a kiss for you. Those cosmic thoughts of yours are so interesting. Something for my to think over.

Wayfaring Wanderer

Great exercise! I already have one haiku under my belt today. Heck, why not do another!!!!

Dazzling Feeling
Imagine a Masterpiece
I am almost FREE

Having to choose from a preset list of words is very challenging. I liked that :o)


Wild, dazzling instrument
Imagine the masterpiece
Feel my dust….

These are my current thought. I just bought a new roadster.... great word challenge!

Gillian daSilva

Nice one, MAWB! A roadster huh? Should it read, Eat my dust instead?


Gillian daSilva

Hey a haiku a day never hurt anyone. :-)

It's all about the challenge! (And the prizes, but hey, I'm biased because
the prizes are my photos!)


Gillian daSilva

Kisses sent. Thank you :-)

I have way too many cosmic thoughts.I'm forever trying to interpret my

It's an ongoing internal battle of mine.!

No poem?

C'mon! You can do it, OBG



Tara Bradford

Felicitations to your family for the birth of Madison! I love that name. As for the words, taking a bit of poetic license:

Imagine a song:
a dazzling masterpiece
waiting for your voice.

Love to you, dearest Gill! xoxox


Who won the notecards last time?

Gillian daSilva

Oh thanks Tara, we LOVE the name too. Naturally, we've already shortened it
to Maddie! :-)

Your poem is lovely. Love to you too, xo

Gillian daSilva

Where's your poem? LOL

Last time it was Pam Aries.random number generator, as I didn't have the
heart to actually choose.

They were all so amazing.

I think that is more like a lottery.but still, we had fun.

I suppose I could enlist an outside source to "choose" the best one.

C'mon you, I want a poem!!! xo


Beautiful post, so much to think about it, here's my poem,

but imagine
a wild purple wood
the water, but an instrument
my dazzleing song


soeurs du jour

freeing the wood dust
using wild purple water
imagine my masterpiece



Imagine knowing
the wild wood as a song
feeling masterpiece

pam aries

Bonjour! Your post today was quite profound..I loved your ideas. I'll be back to play the word poem..it is so much fun It would be so hard to pick a winner because each one says so much. It's fun to read them...I'll be back after ruminating on the wordies....Oh Wealthy one!

Gillian daSilva

Beautiful xo


Found you by way of Fireblossom of Word Garden, which I found because of a weird communication debacle that equaled serendipity. You have drawn me in by the words…

Phamliy (ok so it was family and I spelled it stupidly—so what)

Indigo what a strong vibrant color you have identified with. I’m Paige nice to met ya. (NOT a stalker)


Imagine our dazzling purple song
Our masterpiece instrument

Gillian daSilva

Nice of you to drop in, thanks for the poem too!! :)

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