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March 22, 2009



I'm dreaming of those ginger cookies with a nice cup of hot tea in one of those beautiful cups! Let me know when they're ready, I'll be right over!!

We can have them for dessert after the Greek Salad... I think your home is much tastier than mine! I'm downing pizza and Dr. Pepper floats!

Gillian daSilva

Tara Bradford writes; "I'm dreaming of Amsterdam in May; of taking my camera this week to an unfamiliar part of Paris and capturing some curiosities. I'm dreaming of worrying less and relaxing more; of finishing some ongoing projects and starting another that is close to my heart. I'm dreaming of stress-free days when dreams gather force and can no longer be silenced. And your ginger cookies. Love to you, dearest Gill. P.S. I have those shoes in red and black. J'adore! xoxox"

p.s. to those having trouble commenting, my apologies. I've no idea why! :)

devil mood

I watched that film the Science of Sleep, which is all about dreams so I'm dreaming of dreams and wondering if I'll ever stop being in the clouds so much.


I am also dreaming of your ginger cookies. And less work and fewer things falling through the cracks...


I think we should all make vision boards...or at least start to envision them. I have never collaged that way and I took a peek at your link and thought, ¿por qué no? I'll have to try it!

You'll have me dreaming of chai tea and ginger cookies before morning, and of course, the lake air blowing through my hair.

I should always stop by here before bedtime for a better night's rest.


Your lovely tea cups! Oh what am I dreaming off? I just finished a 14+ hour day of work at the hospital. Oddly enough, to the point of comedy, I have had Henry V's prologue on my mind. How do we get such silly things stuck? Like bad 80's songs that the DJ Delilah plays on the radio.

soeurs du jour

could you please give me back my cup. third one from the top. my "good" dishes as they say. have a good week.


Aloha Gill,
I dream of lying in a huge feather puffy bed with a good cup of tea and a heavenly breakfast..
Talking and dreaming with Mr Dan (who's conscious for a change instead of snoring gently...lol)
I have sunlight diffusing through the windows and warming the room..
Fresh flowers dispursing their fragrance.
He holds my hand and smiles.. all is right in my world..
Happy Sunday.. Peace, Kai

pam aries

Merci for always giving us such awesome links! I am using the Phronti site all the time! Your tea cups are so pretty.


these are the most lovely tea cups. Oh, how i would love to sip tea out of them with you.

Robin Laws

typepad is like a bucking bronco all over the place as i type.

what i tried to write is this: i will take my vanilla caffee in the delicate cup with the blue forget-me-nots painted on it. and a fat ginger cookie on the matching saucer.
:) XO i tried the links but for some reason typepad was not cooperating with saving my place here on your blog when i did that.

Gillian daSilva

Oh Robin I know!

I've had nothing but problems lately. When I try to post a photo to my
blog, it boots me out completely.

I have to open up my browser from scratch and start the process all over

People are having trouble commenting too. It is annoying because it is a
paid service. Shouldn't it be perfect? LOL


(Vanilla caffee sounds loverly)


Beautiful teacups! I hope your spa, artsy event was a great success. It sounds like alot of fun.

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