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March 29, 2009



I have watched many of the TED talks and they are all riveting. We can learn a lot. I must seek out Elizabeth's. The prose you wrote is beautiful. I wanted to read more:)
Glad your women's night was a success:) I always enjoy spending time with a group of women. Have a happy week!

Tara Bradford

Your turn of phrase is beautiful dearest Gill! And yes, ALL THE TIME I carry a notebook with me to write things down, quickly, before I forget! I have been known to push my husband off the computer, so I could write something urgently (thankfully, we now have two computers for such creative emergencies). So true about the deepest fear - I think for me, the worry is largely in being perceived as "showing up" people from my past, who can't face the emotion and change attached to a flame burning brightly. So they'd be more comfortable if I held back, which is why they never ever offer a single word of encouragement or support. But the truth always sets us free! And we must find our own way into the light and ignore the naysayers (who, let's face it, will need sunglasses when all is said and done). :) Love you! xoxox

I did see Elizabeth's talk; there are many inspiring things available to us via TED.

Gillian daSilva

The TED talks were new to me, I love them. I'm always up for inspiration and motivation. Thanks for the compliment, I know my writing needs a lot of work but I'm going to do just that. I'm also having fun so isn't that more the point? Maybe if my confidence builds the writing will improve.
Women's groups are very empowering, yes cliched but true, because I think we give ourselves permission to just BE. What is more refreshing and honest than pure truth? (It sets you free after all.)
p.s. You have a happy week too!

Gillian daSilva

I had a big smile reading this Tara. I know all about it. I've played small for years to save the fragile egos of those I needed encouragement from. I'm through with shrinking to please others. Like you, my light is very bright, and I'm going to let it shine! I've come to the rationale as of late that I only need encouragement from me. External sources for this very thing are very unreliable, and untrustworthy. Like you said, those who can't face emotion and change are only interested in holding us down, and belittling us so that they don't feel small. Well from now on I'm shaking them off like a dog fresh from a river swim, vigorously and ears a flappin'! LOL
And like Elizabeth said, I'm going to get up everyday and still write, and still take photos, and still try to improve and build my business because OLE!~ Why not? My best could be behind me but I don't know that for sure. So instead of worrying about it I'm going forward with a huge OLE!
And the same to you, my bright shiny smart friend. xoxo


BEautiful post - makes me wish I could have attended your spa.

pam aries

My friend..I have chills. THis has happened to me a time or two. Not often enough, unfortunately. THe strangest things have popped into my mind.Your light is shining bright..like a gleaming pot O' gold!

Gillian daSilva

Me too. There are many names on that sidebar that would be so very welcome here anytime, yours being one of them. Maybe one day, we'll manage to get together! xo

Gillian daSilva

The Gypsy Mail arrived today, complete with sea breezes and magical riches!!! Thanks for the thanks, your card is gorgeous, and has top billing on my fridge. Tis YOU who are rich, with all the good karma you put out on a daily basis, it's bound to catch up to you very soon.

Tara Bradford

The best is yet to come for you, dearest Gill. Of that, I'm certain. And you're right about going forward with a huge OLE! OLE! OLE! xoxox

soeurs du jour

I think that next time I'm driving home from a trip to Ottawa, I'm going to make an appointment to stop & see you. Although, if the massage is too relaxing, you might have to take me in for the night!


Gillian daSilva

Oh yes, Kath. Do that. Stop over and we'll have dinner too. Won't it be fun?
Bring your camera!!! xoxo


What beautiful writing, Gill. Truly.

I used to be at Inspiration's whim, but I think I've drowned her out anymore. Every now and then she breaks through...

Lovely Marianne Williamson quote, too. I so agree. I wonder what it is that makes us feel the need to diminish ourselves? ...I think it may begin in childhood...maybe one part societal...one part familial, for some. In any event, its so true that the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and anyone around us is to shine.

Kate Robertson


A beautiful post. I loved the TED talk that E Gilbert gave. I have seen it listed on dozens of blogs. I always have a small journal in my purse and just in case I have one in the map container in my car. I get nervous if I don't have pen and paper with me. Even when I walk my dog I will put a small moleskine cahier in my pocket along with a pen. you never know when inspiration will strike.



Alot in this post resonated with me. Your words about the ancient dream.I've had those too although mine were different. Marianne's words about playing small.
Why hide my light?
Alot of food for thought.
A notebook is good...otherwise you end up writing words on business cards, napkins, and receipts.
Yep...I need my sunglasses on!

Gillian daSilva

Me too, nervous if I'm sans notebook. Sometimes it's just that I may need to write down a real estate listing or something! Or a movie, or grocery list...but paper and pen is a must! I agree :)

Gillian daSilva

You couldn't hide your light if you tried! I didn't see you at La Grande Orange in Phoenix, I felt your presence swooshing through the door followed by those perfect chiclet teeth!!! LOL
You have dreams older than time too? I feel like, (don't lock me up now), but that they are divine insights...a blueprint interpreted just for me. If I tell you there is usually three guides there too would that be completely insane???

Deborah Carr

Hello Gillian - This is my first visit to your blog...I've so enjoyed my stay. This poem is also one of my favourites, tacked to my bulletin board for regular reminder. I wrote about it in my own post last summer...http://deborahcarr.blogspot.com/2008/07/what-if-we-all-had-moment-of-glory.html.

You capture your thoughts beautifully on the page. Thank you for sharing. (Your spa day sounds wonderful...there is nothing more powerful than a group of women connecting in a beautiful place.)

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