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March 19, 2009





Funny, funny picture... you gave me my laugh for the day!


Lovely entry! Wonderful colourful words.
Today is my daughter's 19th birthday! I am celebrating with a wee draw. Pop by and wish her a happy day:) I am going to let her read them before she goes to bed:)

Elisa Day

I love the way you write, it makes me dream!

Account Deleted

a very good morning read for me
here at breakfast
with my earl grey...


thanks, missy,
and this link was fun ----> phrontistery!

{{ ps--i think you are doing just SUPER,
a fine BEST, indeed }}

Tara Bradford

Great photo. Sounds like you're making the most of the spring break - and of every day, dearest Gill. Love to you. xoxox


I am loving the donkey. Nice post.

Happy Conscious Friday.


Ay, Chica, you do your best every day from what I can see. You are so well rounded, you could be Cuban (and I mean that in a "shapely" way)! lol

I haven't even had a sip of wine yet and I'm writing like this...somebody cut me off! Quick!

I could read this post every day until I turn 97 and I wouldn't tire of it. It's life giving!

Thank you for the afternoon pickup...much better than a strong café.

Have a beautiful weekend full of laughter, sunshine, colour and I love you's!


Cerulean is one of my fav's.
Very cool link!

Ashwathy Nair

Beautiful and dreamy!


Oh, what a delicious link. Some of my favorite colors are celadon, hyacinthine, and ibis. This coming week is mine and my daughter's spring break. I plan to spend it all with her, just being. Perhaps, using a few things from your list. Our single plan is a trip to our favorite regional art museum. The gardens should be spectacular by now.

I think my Mamaw (that's Texan for Grandma) would agree completely with Edythe and Irene. She'd add a few, though. She would say, "Laugh as much as you can. Tell a joke every day. It doesn't even have to be a good one, but they are, of course, preferable. When you go shopping, stop often for a Coke. Let your family know how proud you are of them. And, love them with out question." Good advice. Yes?


Perhaps my beautiful friend,

You dont have to do 'your best' at all,

Perhaps all you have to do is turn your eyes and see the apricot stain of a setting sun,

And feel

the love

that you are,

Loving you, Maithri

pam aries

May I say t o you of the castaneous locks...that the link to colours is fascinating! Merci for the lovely photo of the feather lotus. I am enthralled by that flower! I have never seen one! PS: I just came from the fig lady's blog..heh heh. She is such a doll.


I think anyone who has lived for that long a period of time is a treasure trove of invaluable truths. ...and I think too many younger people miss that.

I'm so glad you and your girls are having such a wonderful time. These are precious memories you're creating - for all of you. ...but you know that.

btw, as of last night I'm blogging again:


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Gill.


What a gorgeous photo. And just the title of your post is enough to me. Now I must go and check out all of the colors, too.

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