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March 14, 2009



And I love your new profile photo, btw!

Tara Bradford

The French and Spanish have been chocolate drinkers for centuries and you can find beautiful antique chocolate pots from when its popularity was at its height. Great photo of the spoon of chocolate! I like the sound of Caribbean Temptation pink - as though one needs a temptation to go to the Caribbean! :) xoxox


Have you ever tried Mexican mole? Ahhhh.
I loved that blog, Castle in Spain!
Such life! Such joy!
The snow is slowly melting and the sun is feeling warmer. Not long now:)


Today has been a day of journeying. I am lying on my comfortable cosy bed with my lap top on my lap as the rain splatters outside and drives the heat away (yes summer has begun in India). The rain tree outside my window soaks up each thristy drop as I exploure in cyberspace. I landed here from Maddie's blog - Peristing Stars and am so glad that I did.
Have a nice Sunday.

Kara aka Mother Henna

So glad I stopped by today just in time for the secret to getting gooooood chocolate to drink!! Have you tried chocolate roobois (sp?) tea? OMG -- I might actually be able to give up sugar since finding that tea :)
Lots of miracles to you -- loving your photography as always!

pam aries

Chocolat..'nuff said. Heh heh! THe sun came out briefly , I took Spot for a walk...when it began to rain again. All these showers will make for lovely flowers! I painted my toesies last night! Here's to chocolat and pretty nailpolish! May you be showered in riches today........


I'm with Maia...your new profile photo is PERFECT!

Lala has a zest for life and she is amazing. I love her photos as they remind me of a Spain I've only heard about but have never visited...YET!

I remember catching the trailer of this movie before and I have to add it to my list.

Btw, I would love to tattoo my feet with henna. One of these days...

Account Deleted

dropping in
for some sweet organic island guavas...


and to say HI.

when i was much younger
my next~door~grandmother
{{ not my up~north~grandmother }}
use to make guava jelly
i would help her.

you could smell it simmering
1 mile away.


your banner just
made that memory rise
for me
so thanks for that, missy!

and thanks for thinking
of me
and mine
these past few days...

gotta go explore
as i have been gone too long
i have stories
to read

Grey Street Girl

Very cool shot! I love the bokeh and color. It sounds like it was a very fun trip!


This photograph is so inviting! Oh my, I must visit that link, then I'm off to visit that beautiful castle. Wink.

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

Mmm..that sound so tasty right now. 'Im so glad I dropped what I was doing and decided to visit~it's snowing like mad and I'm dreaming of warmer climates and your descriptions have taken me there briefly~thank you!
Off to visit your dancing friend in Spain again..I'm afraid I will accomplish nothing today but that's ok by me!

my castle in spain

Hi lovely girl !
Amal is definitely on my list of the movies to be seen...
thanks for the trailer !
and...i invite you anytime for cerveza and tapas in Andalusia!
thanks for the link.... :-)


Just droppin by to send my love to you,

Your photos, your words, your blog are infused with your carefree beautiful spirit...

The aroma of goodness is never too far from where you are,

Sending you love my friend,


PS im gonna steal the 'link within' widget if its alright with you... pure genius!


I like my drinking chocolate thick
just add a spoonfil of corn flower
enjoy - jum jummy!


Happy St. Paddy's Day!


I love your little things. A clean car, a good drink, a dancing, playful woman, pretty toes. Here are a few of mine for you. A good book, the perfect-shade-of-red lipstick, tulip bouquets, backyard hammocks, playground squeals, ticking clocks, afternoon naps....


Hay que rico mi amiga!!! Chocolate!!! I drink it almost daily. Love your new profile picture. You are so beautiful.


I can smell the chocolate stirrings here from Chocolat the novel.

happy spring, nearly, to you! I don't see many signs here except lovely warm temps and too too dry ground, but I am enjoying the warmth through open windows and hearing chirping of many birds.


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