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March 09, 2009



Love to snorkle....we saw giant turtles and such beautiful tropical fish in Hawaii! Although the snorkle gear was pretty funny looking. Especially the flipper floppers. Hmmm someone told you to spice it up?
What are they reading? Because I get lotsa spice here girlie girl and sweet dulce de leche!


Dulce de Leche que rico!!!! It is one of the favorite deserts of my people. Love the header.

devil mood

You'd love it here right now. It's been sunny, around 20º C, if you sit in the sun it's exactly like summer. And the plants are starting to grow and there's a lot of green around.
I'd be reminiscing too if I were in your shoes. ;)

Grey Street Girl

Mmmmm...dulce de leche.... That photo is yummy too. I can't wait for the warmth of summer!


There's nothing a little dulce de leche can't fix, I always say.

I can't wait for the mangos to fall off the tree. You have me craving frozen mango margaritas with a side of salsa and merengue.


When are you having us all over... I am so ready!!!


Lovely images conjured up there:)Sigh.
This is the last weekend of winter coming up.
Spring is creeping towards us ever so slowly!
This winter has been hard on everyone!
Cheers, Shelagh


Aloha Gill,
yeah..Hawaii sistah!! I miss sitting on the edge of Halamanu Crater, the Merrie Monarch festival in Hilo, Orchids on my fence, growing in coconuts..
What I wouldn't trade for a long time out with my volcano and the stars right about now..lol.

peace, Kai


its -35 or something close to that sort of ridiculousness here today ... there is a fog over the river and through the hills of the city and i might think it was pretty if i wasn't so sick of white white white. sigh. i heart your new banner, dreaming of summer's heat ... xo


Wonderful post. Love your blog and the header. Could use a guava right now ;-)

my castle in spain

oh sweet girl...can't blame you for wanting more sunshine and therefore...less clothing :-)
hope spring will soon reach you in your part of the world..
in the meantime..yes, strawberries and dulce de leche seem a perfect match...
enjoy it all !!
beautiful header too !


It's the time of year when our senses start yearning for lushness and bloom again. Embrace it...as my bff used to say, why wade when you can wallow?

Tara Bradford

Gorgeous images to accompany your memories of a very happy time! Yes, waiting for spring - but especially you, with all that snow! Sigh. Love to you! xoxox

pam aries

Sister..I hear ya! You are really making me anxious to get to a beach just switch out Hawaii with Florida and I'll soon be there! Whoppiiieeee! yesterday it snowed and sleeted and it is still dark and gloomy today. Great post ..rich wealthy Gillie!

robin bird

the header knew what it was talkin' about girl! see it got you to dreaming of the better days to come. those hot lava days and scent of gardenia days. it is in the 30's here and not a spot of sun for days :( i'll take a strawberry please!

Lisa Swifka

Darling Gillian.........you need a beach escape...a rewarming of the soul and spirit. But if you can't do it yet you are so good at recreating memories you can "almost" be there again. I remember living in the midwest and the snow turning gray and the sky always looking gray and the cold never ending. It truly does get to you!!! Spring is just around the corner!!!
Shall we have some tea together in the meantime?
I printed your picture of the words so I can leisurely work up a poem. I have TONS of those magnetic words....I should get them out again.
In the meantime I am not able to visit my fave blogs as often as I'd like due to my art mojo having kicked in. I HAVE to go with that flow!!
Sending you warm hugs and much love,


Your words and scrumptious banner have helped me put my head in spring...thank you!

Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz

That's great. When you can't be there or find it, dream it. Last night there was no chocolate to be found in my house (what?) so I found myself imagining a rose shaped chocolate bar, each petal a delicate and intense piece of chocolate that melted in my mouth. Great post.

soeurs du jour

leaving for the beach in about half an hour. so good for the soul.


Love the new banner and the new profile pic too! Did I see a new haircut too? :) Can't wait for more sunshine! I'm ready!! xo

susanna's sketchbook

I was just thinking how absolutely yummy your new banner looks, Gillian. Delish!

I soooo know what you mean about wanting this grey season to end. Bring on the GREEN! We're two or three weeks ahead of you seasonally, I think. The crocus are blooming and the daffodils are poking up green tips so it won't be too long til you'll be seeing bits of happy colour poking out from the ground. In the meantime, I'm enjoying your descriptions of sunny, warmier climates. Ahhhh...to be on a beach, feeling the sun's warmth on the skin, a icy cold girlie drink in my hand...ahhhh! Thank you for the daydream.


Came by for a scoop of Dulce de Leche and OH my How Luscious your world looks here in Blogland.

Thank you for being you Gillian. Hope you and your family have some fun together this weekend!

Gillian daSilva

You are welcome anytime!!!


Mmm.. these memories are taking me in. I hope you had a sip of that drink, for me.
: )

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