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February 09, 2009


Orange Blossom Goddess

Your mother is such a lovely lady. I too share a daily call with my mother - it is a balm for my soul. Happy Birthday to Sheila!

Tara Bradford

What a gorgeous birthday tribute to the wondrous Sheila! Like mother, like daughter - exceptional women rule in your family. I am a lover of figs too. Happy Birthday, Sheila! Wishing you a beautiful day and a fabulous year ahead.


Lovely, Gill. She taught you "the importance of applying excellence to everything you do," and started with her wonderful daughter.

Tink, Sheila... all the best to the best.


What a lovely tribute! Happy birthday to Sheila Ann from another Shelagh Ann:)) xox


What a lovely way to learn more about your mother...through YOU.

Thanks for sharing these memories and moments with us. I love the part about the phone calls, the ones I don't always answer because "it's just Mom." It's true, one day the calls will stop and that's when I'll wish I could hear her voice just one more time.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom! I'll pop in and say hello to her a bit.


I loved reading about your mom! I wish her the happiest of birthdays. She sounds like a lovely, lovely lady.


Thank you for the delightful tribute Gillie..!
and thanks to your commenters for their good wishes too.
Thank you for not telling everyone I was 60...LOL
Looking forward to seeing you all this evening..


Happy Birthday to Sheila Ann!
So happy for her life and the life she gave to you.
Also happy you could meet Tara!!
So very COOL!
Will visit you mommy now!


Your Mum is one of my favs! LOVE HER!
Hope she had a very special day.


Such a wonderful heartfelt birthday tribute to your mom, it's no wonder I love her so much, she's such a lovely person through and through:-) xoxo


This is lovely! Happy birthday to your mother! Wait- did you say dark chocolate and figs??


Robin Laws

what a wonderful bit of writing that seems to capture the very best and essence of your mom gillian! i loved the idea that she talked to her mom everyday and that you two do the same :)

Pam aries

Sheila is incredible..and you are incredible too. And I ain't just whistling Dixie. I never had a relationship with either of my parents and I always admire families who are so close ..this is what true riches are! Happy Day to Sheila!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Simply put, this brought tears to me eyes.

What a gift you are to each other. xo


What a beautiful post to your amazing mom...she has a blog! get out!!

Happy HAPPY Birthday Sheila Ann!



My wishes come late, but are sincere. Happy birthday, dear lover of figs. Gillian, What a lovely tribute. I loved reading such an interesting rendering of her life. You've made her come alive. I feel I'd already recognize your Mum if I met her at a party. You do have a gift for description.

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