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February 15, 2009



I ink the blue metaphor in the canvas.

From beyond the MIASMA
I saw a being approach

COULD it be an ANGEL,
perhaps a METAPHOR for the Earth?

With the RHYTHM of hearts beating time,
Unlike PAINT on CANVAS, there is more
To life than what we see before us.

You will not find it HARD.

Remember, write your biography in permanent INK.

That was me above...MUM...guess I wasn't signed in..!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

The Shimmer Angel~

I see her blue-ink rhythm.


(This is you, Dear Gillian.)

p.s. LOVE today's post. xo


Approach the blue miasma green
see her life shimmer more
bold original rhythm hard
ink psychedilic paint
angel metaphor



Guess I should have read the directions...
'use only the words in the photo!'
I always did have too much to say..


I guess it would have helped if I had read the directions properly..

Tara Bradford

Love your Sea to Sky Sundays! No time to write a poem at the moment. How I wish I could see that episode of HGTV! Please make a DVD of it? I love that a nun wearing a blue habit walked into your spa. Lovely, hopeful post, dear Gill. xoxox


Aloha Gillian..

Hard miasma in the ink..
I see her Blue Angel approach..
The canvas paint & psychedelic shimmer-ism..
Original life as metaphor
Soon could green bold rhythm.

PEace, Kai


psychedelic rhythm in life

the bold canvas is her angel

soon approach


the blue

the green

as in paint

her life hard but original

; )

Left a recipe on my blog today. Really easy.

Gillian daSilva

oh thank you~! I am going to try this xo


Hey there beautiful lady,

Thank you for your kind wishes! I'm feelin good again and I've got one month to go!!! One month! lol you'd think i was pregnant or somethin...

Make sure you write to me in Swaziland ya hear,

Much love to you and your Beautiful family,

You ARE the light,



I approach
her blue metaphor
hard canvas, angel shimmer,
in bold original rhythm.
See? Life is.


I too Love "Dr.Maithri"..You've got us thinking with this one Gillian..need time.Holy moly...look at the poets already here!! xo


I approach blue paint
In the psychedelic shimmer and
I see her original rhythm is bold,
Canvas angel metaphor.....

this was fun:))

Gillian daSilva

Oh I love all of your poems! It is FUN!!!! Yay thanks for playing...keep em coming!

pam aries

I could approach the canvas soon.....Paint in bold green,blue shimmer ink ...see her hard angel life as metaphor ..... original miasma....more psychdelic rythmism.

Pam aries

That was fun...let's do it again! I feeel rich with poeticism(new word)


it might be early for this, but ..

black beans + corn + fresh strawberries + mango + avocado + cilantro + lime juice + sea salt + jalapeno = a bowl of happiness

mmmmmmmmm ..

I've been adding a splash of vinegar to my wash every time, but didn't realize it was good for fabric softener too! I did read somewhere that you could use baking soda for that ..


The Angel Shimmers.
I see her now,
a Blue original.
Who is more bold?
Her rhythm green.
She paint's her psychedelic canvas with
all of life's colors filled with metaphore
and rhythm!!



Gillian daSilva

Oh i am definately trying that salad! Thank you!!! xo


the green blue ink on the canvas

a metaphor

her approach....psychedelic and original bold life



I am late to the party, but I want to play tooooooo! This was difficult, cos there is only one certain verb (see) although shimmer, canvas and approach can be, as well. That's still only four. I fudged and used rhythm as a verb. So sue me, Ha! And although there are adverbs like "soon", there are none with -ly endings, so I had a tussle with this, but I used every word once, with no strays. Here is what I came up with, Gillian:


Soon, canvas.

the hard life miasma

is original psychedelic metaphor--

as ink could rhythm...

blue & green.

Approach, bold Angel, paint--

I see her

shimmer more.

Gillian daSilva

Yay, thanks for playing Shay!


No it's not cool about the Nun's from the Apostles of Infinite Love, they are not who they claim to be, I was there in the early 1970's, they have continually sexually, physically, and emotionally abused children there, they have been brought up on charges before, but not enough physical evidence, all you have to is look them up online. These people have destroyed many lives, so once again it's not cool, these people are child abusers.

Gillian daSilva

I don't recall endorsing child abuse at any time during my post.

I think you misread me. What was and still is cool, is a nun walking into a

You mustn't paint every nun with the same brush. The same as I cannot say
that every commenter I have is unbiased and fair.

If you suffered under the care of these people I'm very sorry. No one
should have to endure abuse. That, like you said isn't cool.


I didn't mean that you endorsed it, sorry if it came out that way, I just wanted you to know that these people are not as they seem, it is a very oppressive place with a history of child abuse, so don't believe what you see when a nun comes walking in, my sister was molested by one of these so called nuns, and many children were abused.

Gillian daSilva

This makes me sick. Seriously. We should be able to trust wholeheartedly
some aspects of society.

Like nuns, police officers, doctors, etc.

What an awful thing for your sister to endure. I won't donate to them
again. :-)


I agree, they have been investigated many times, and sued a couple of times but they always get away with, thanks for not donating anymore :)
Here is a link to one girl's story that was there, it's a very horrific account on what went on when we were there, just forewarning you about it if you don't want to read it.

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