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February 08, 2009


Tara Bradford

I think your self-portrait is beautiful, like you! I love Susanna's winged messengers - and trunks! Ah, steamer trunks and the romance of those long voyages. As for that stew, I'm getting the ingredients and making it this week. It looks and sounds fabulous! The scents sound lovely, but I'm afraid they would trigger my allergies. I can't walk into a Lush store or a place burning scented candles - instant headache! P.S. It has been a hectic weekend, but New York is coming early this week - really! :) Miss you! xoxox


The steamer trunk and messenger fit so beautifully!!
I am wondering what vetiver is. Must go look it up.I am thinking it is something like musk? Hmmm.
I too will be receiving a set of wings! looking forward to 'flying" with them:))
Thanks for that recipe. I love soups and am always looking to try new recipes. This sounds quick, easy and delicious!


Any recipe that starts out with "Tons of smooshed up garlic, or a big blob of garlic paste" has GOT to be good.

But you got me with vetiver first... one of my favorite feel good smells. And then ended with a lovely photo. You're a cutie pie! But I knew that already.

Thanks for the little sensory break.

Sandra Evertson

Thank you for the stew recipe!
And Beautiful Photos too!
Sandra Evertson


Oh how I have coveted the winged messanger. One day perhaps Susanna will bestow upon me the honor of one. I love your portrait, you have such a beautiful face. The soup made me terribly hungry!!!


Would that be Charleston....South Carolina fragrance? I am sorta missing Charleston . The stew looks ymmmmmm. I made vegan 17 bean soup. You look mahvelous, dahling, rich in red!


Oh my goodness, that stew looks SO good!!! Bless you for including the recipe!

Wow! You got one of Susanna's winged messengers! Lucky soul! I think that is just the neatest thing.

Finally, I am so pleased that you like your award, and yes, there is plenty of Bob Dylan to play when you visit me!



the dutchess

Hello..so nice to meet you. I just visited Maithri and found you. What a lovely blog place you made...see you again:) Blessings and greetings from a place in Holland.

Elisa Day

I lovet that first picture! And you selfportrait is beautiful.

Cristina B.

Thank you for the well wishes on my blog!! I may definitely take you up on that offer for advice! :D

I think your self portrait is great!!!


i love your self portrait, so gorgeous :)

and now i am wanting stew .. yummers!!


Vetiver... it's in the base of half my favorite fragrances. Haitian is best. And oak moss. Amber. Labdanum. We'll talk. I'll talk. It's coming.

Perfume - "through smoke." It started with incense, long, long ago...


Mmm... I can smell the love all the way over here. I saw those beautiful wings in a magazine recently. I fell in love with them.

PS: Hello beautiful!

Robin Laws

i made stew just this weekend and variations on a theme are most welcome indeed! i think that self-portrait is adorable... really truly sweet, sweet!
i am sooo looking froward to your winged messenger shots!!!!

Account Deleted

You have sent me deep into my aromatherapy box to pull out some delicious scents with which to adorn myself with today. Yum yum yum. :)


I am swooning over your scent descriptions. You need to write copy for an old fashioned apothecary. I also love your self-portrait. I saw it and thought, "My gosh! Look at those eyebrows! They're perfect." I have a thing for eyebrows, you see.

Gillian daSilva

I'm sure I could come up with some all by myself, ahem.however, these scent
descriptions come from the Lampe Berger people. Wish I could take credit

But the eyebrows, are my own work. You know, I too have a thing for
eyebrows. It is my specialty here at the spa. Eyebrow styling. It is at
least a 30 minute appointment with me. They get trimmed, waxed, tweezed and
coloured if necessary. I am in love with doing brows!!!


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