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February 28, 2009



A moon hammock sounds lovely..... We all need one of those once in a while.


Talk Talk, huh? Well, my friend, it is YOUR LIFE...and what a beautiful life it is.

Btw, can you make some room on that hammock moon for me? Sounds fantastic!


I would love a moon hammock too. It conjures up such a charming image:) Yes, sometimes wandering in a big store with some extra time is a good thing.


I love when the moon hangs on its back like that, like a Jazz Age photo prop.
Baby and I are headed to the big box store for some home improvement shopping ourselves this morning. But really just to browse the paint chips. No, I don't need to paint anything. But is there anything more soothing?


Whenever I hear music like this I think of you, in your wild child days..!


What a lovely mind image - a moon hammock. I love it and will never think of the moon quite the same.


Wow, I couldn't have named Who Does That Song if my life depended on it, but I sure remember them. Love the piano line in the second one. :-)


There is nothing like time to oneself dear Gillian. I hope you got some well earned 'me' time.

Gillian daSilva

No! I didn't get too much time.

Hence no blogging really for me the last week or two.

I owe you some visits and my other friends too.but it will have to wait a
few more days.

For me, "time for me" is computer time and time out with my fleshy friends.

I've got a couple of nights planned with those "fleshy" ones this week, so
hopefully things pan out for me electronically too.


Love to you, enjoy your week!!!!


Tara Bradford

A moon hammock - wouldn't that be fantastic??!! It appears from your lovely photo at least some of the snow is melting? Stay warm! xoxox


love love love

that photo:)

love the moon hammock and shooting stars too:)

pam aries

I can see you way up there on the moon..tossing silver coins all over the earth...

Gillian daSilva

Pammy you are soon to be rich again!
You won my poetry challenge :)
Wasn't it fun?
Thanks for your delightful composition my smart friend.
Email me your addy!


This picture is pure love. Bore me? Never. : )


Sometimes we just need those quiet nights and tame weekends to clear our heads and rejuvenate our spirits. And now you have the makings for a festive night and a fun weekend!


A moon hammock. You've given me something new to dream about.


I'm forever hanging around in the woods in one of my many hammocks, but I've yet to try a 'moon hammock'...

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