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February 03, 2009



Funny about pancakes... if you asked your mother for cake for breakfast she'd say "You are NOT having cake for breakfast young man. You're having fried cake with syrup on it for breakfast." (Jim Gaffigan said that)

Tomorrow then, is skinny Wednesday. My brother used to make the grand gesture of giving up cauliflower for Lent.

That first picture is pretty as a Christmas card. The second is lovely too. The third one makes me shiver.

Happy Shrove Tuesday, Gill.


Those pictures are beautiful, Gillian! And...I am curious now, what is the title of your book??? I just finished a collection of short stories by Emma Donoghue that I bought in London. It was called "The Woman Who Gave Birth To Rabbits"!


Aloha Gill,
we dodged the bullet today and most of the snow went south, which is good as we have tuns..lol.
I love the idea of being curled up in bed with a good book and a cuppa earl grey right now..
PEace, Kai

Gillian daSilva

Yes, I'm with your bro on the cauliflower. Although al dente with a decent sauce, not so bad. :)
Happy Shrove Tuesday, Jeaux. xo

Gillian daSilva

Hello Shay!
The Red Tent...by Anita Diamant.
It is about Dinah, from the Old Testament...and her life and the ways of the lives of the women around her. The book centers on the Red Tent where women gathered to breastfeed, menstruate and do all the things men didn't want to see. It was really their only time to bond and have some time out. Jacob and Esau also feature. We are on our way into Egypt now...things are getting good.
I'll let you know how the rest of it goes. Would you recommend your book?

Gillian daSilva

We dodged that same artful bullet! (A little dickensian humour tossed in for ya.)
Yes, we too, have a ton. Tonight I am watching a movie too with my earl grey...I picked up a cheap copy of The Aviator with Leonardo as Howard Hughes. God I loved that time. Such a romantic time!!! Airplanes, Hollywood, long cigarette holders. Men who wore hats. You know.

Gillian daSilva

Oh too, to follow the selfless ways of your brother and his Ash Wednesday traditions of giving something up for Lent...I'll give up...liver and onions.
Hey, I'm willing to do it. :)
It's all about the sacrifices.


Hi Friend.
Thank you for dropping by the parade!!!
This is interesting that in Canada you celebrate "Fat Tuesday" on Shove Tuesday Feb 3. I went to wiki and learned all sorts of interesting things.

In the States Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday will be celebrated on the 24th this year (the day before Ash Wednesday when, lent begins). Our little town is getting all geared up. We have a parade and other festivities. My mom and I will have a Jazz brunch on the 22nd. Can't WAIT!!
Love to you friend!!

Gillian daSilva

Oh Constance

I'm laughing my ASS off right now. I made a mistake.

I celebrated yesterday and it isn't until the 24th. So guess what?

Not only am I a silly sausage, I get to celebrate TWICE this year.

My German friend, the one who hates drafts told me it was Fat Tuesday.

I believed her without even bothering to check. I almost panicked, because
my kids depend heavily on me to make the pancakes. They love pancake day.

They will be that much more in love with me when I tell them they get to do
it again in three weeks!!!


Love to you too!!!

Tara Bradford

Hey, you! I left a comment yesterday on this post. Where did it go? I was thanking you for the lovely snow pics and saying I forgot about the holiday, as I was preoccupied with work and technology - then I discover it wasn't the holiday, after all! Ha ha! Maybe we both need a vacation. But lucky for the cherubs, getting to celebrate twice! Miss you! Am emailing you. xoxox


So loving that stained glass in your window. I almost bought something similar once..there were many of them hanging in the shop window, so many beautiful colours and different shapes, all in square wooden frames. But I never did get one, and now I am kind of regretting it. I wonder if they are still selling them? Will have to go see.
Sorbet with mango smoothie and jello???? That sounds soooooo yummy!!!!!! (how was it? was it good? good enough to share the recipe?)

Gillian daSilva

Hey Rayne.

Yes, indeed. It puts a sweet twist on old fashioned jello.

All you do, is make regular strawberry (or any flavour) jello, and when you
get to the second step of adding the cold water, just substitute mango
smoothie. (I buy mine from President's Choice, you know!) In the fridge it
does fine but you can freeze it too. From the fridge it has a nice texture,
almost pudding-ish.

Sigh.I think I'll make it again. It's easy and you get the bonus of all
that squished up fruit in there!



Oh, that sorbet business sounds delightful, and delightfully easy! Thanks for sharing the fruity goodness on these cold winter days! Beautiful photos!!

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