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February 11, 2009



Fun songs. I love that Lennon song, and Sailing? Oh my goodness, what were you and Tara talking about? Thanks for the trip back in time.


The Eastern seaboard has changed so much since I lived in that area that the last time we visited and tried driving down the coast, we couldn't even find my favorite crab shacks. But Mystic Seaport is worth a stop, and I absolutely love the coast of Maine. Beautiful.

soeurs du jour

oh have fun. road trips are so "old school" but so much fun. the girls will love it. i still remember "south of the border" the huge awful souvenir place.


Planning trips is always fun. I drove to Florida from NS when I was 19 with my boyfriend. Road trips are great:)

Tara Bradford

Jules, Gillian was talking about a song that was special to me and my late fiance. It seemed to be playing in the background, no matter where we were in the world. To this day, I hear that song and instantly am transported back to that time; to him. Sailing is beautiful, but bittersweet for me to hear.

Tara Bradford

Don't know what's happening w/ the Typepad comments these days. Just left one, that vanished. Pffffttt!

As I was saying, thank you for remembering about that song's significance in my life. To this day, whenever I hear it, I am instantly transported. And the moment I read your post title, the song's tune played in my head. Isn't it amazing how we remember music forever, but forget other things??!! It's as though music is a constant, invisible backdrop to our life's stories.

As for roadtrips with the family, such fun! Washington in the spring, yes! In the summer, way too hot and crowded. xoxox


Morning Blue,
A road trip sounds wonderful about now. I wish I was back on the outer banks watching the ponies run on the sand!!
I remember 45's. Strange days indeed, most perculiar mamma!! lol..
Good post, Peace, Kai

Gabrielle Kai Photography

My last comment vanished!

I love this vintage look for the 45!

Your road trip sounds like loads of fun! Don't forget to bring your camera along - I'm sure you'll find many interesting, beautiful things!


busy, busy
great to look through some old recods sometimes

pam aries

You know you can get in touch with me if you want to stop in Charleston on your EastCoast tour. Even tho I am on the opposite coast now... i can guide you to some great must sees!!!


You might make it to Florida?? Cuando, cuando, cuando???

devil mood

Oh I didn't know Lennon was Ono myself and I love him. Maybe he wasn't, he just liked to put that in the records ;)

Oh a road trip, so jealous :)

Robin Laws

i came looking for your 'The Four' response but i think i need to return later for that... but this is fun! I was just talking to my husband this past week about the power of music related to memory (this is as much in response to tara's comments as it is your post). i have the most poignant emotions when here certain music.
p.s. i don't know what that means either John "ono" Lennon....


Oh, the canvas can do miracles...

I'd love a little sunfish sailboat (like I need another recreational vehicle) to ply the local waters.

"If you have a favourite place to stop on the road would you kindly share it with me?" I know a little place in Florida, where the rum is cool and the sand is hot...

susanna's sketchbook

John Ono Lennon? I didn't know that either. Very interesting. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it, though?

So you are planning a trip along the east coast??? Well, of course you HAVE TO go to New York. There is a beach in NJ called Sandy Hook where J and I go during the summers. The beaches are groomed in the summer and you can swim in the salty ocean with the skyline of New York - Coney Island's lights in the evening - in the far distance. Point Pleasant State Park which is further south along the NJ shore is absolutely gorgeous!

Gillian daSilva

Oh wouldn't that be nice! I couldn't get anything from the link :-(

Happy Valentines Jeaux xo

(if we get that far, we are most definitely stopping to see YOU)

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