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January 28, 2009


pam aries

Of Ravens and Strawberries...sounds like the title of a poem! or a painting! How are you 'neath all tat white stuff? It snowed here yesterday, but all melted. You are a rich snow princess...! capitalize on that!

Liberty Post Editor

Your photo is a welcome treat. Respite from the white landscape.


It is snowing here now too. I think we have hours and hours of the stuff ahead of us before it changes. I kind of like the quiet white. Like a drifting veil.
Cheers, Shelagh

Account Deleted


Good For You!
kick back, missy.

i have entire WEEKS
when i am too lazy to capitalize


what a good start
to a posting--->
``````today a raven flew away```````

a little sign
from above
to make sure
the day is light,
to make certain
nothing keeps you earth bound!

~~~~~~~today a raven flew away~~~~~~


oh happy day

Gillian daSilva

i'm all snowed in.
but i have my cadburys chocolate eggs, and a new Barack Obama book to read...dreams from my father.
oh and the new Domino book is good, got that one too. and a new camera guide, because i know NOTHING of light metering etc and need to learn to take a decent photo INDOORS without the help of mother nature.
how is portland? how are you? love you, you rich woman!

Gillian daSilva

yes lib, we are drowning in white stuff...all i could think of was fruit and flowers....xo

Gillian daSilva

time for a hot chocolate and a good book honey bun xox

Gillian daSilva

weeks without capitalizing you say?
my my you are daring.
i need to live your way for a change.


Love this. Sounds cozy: hot chocolate and good books. Here in Atlanta I wish it would either snow a beautiful snow, or just get warm and head on into blooming Spring. Thanks Gillian!

Tara Bradford

Sounds like a lovely day and that photo is wonderful! As for no capital letters - e.e. cummings made a habit of it and it worked for him! Take some snow pictures, please!

As for dreams, once in a blue moon, I have one that means something or is a predictor of things to come. But more often than not, I find that things I try to make sense of from a dream are just random things I thought of during the day mixed together in a funny way. xoxox


Often when I buy a book, I read the first sentence of the first chapter, and if that draws me into the book, I buy it. Today your first line about the raven taking your dream drew me into your post. Instead of skimming as I do many places (no time to read every blog word for word, you know!) I read your entire post. It was wonderful, artsy, poetic, and the bright colorful photo was amazing. Thanks for making my visit enjoyable. xoxoxoxo


you know

I didnt notice for a second that you didnt capitalise

Maybe thats because i was far too caught up in the beauty springing from your mind to worry about anything else

I received a gold envelope in the mail yesterday Gill....

It was your christmas card ;)... Thank you my beloved beautiful friend for the light of your spirit...

I feel it all the way in 'frickin hot' australia lol...its 45 degrees celsius...the railroad tracks have buckled from the heat... Im going to the beach tonight though...to venus bay....for the weekend... I'll think of you and your family my the silver blue mouth of the ocean,

say a prayer as i walk along the endless soft sand

make a wish...

Send you the fragrance of peace in the arms of a salty wind

To add just one more layer of love
to the perfumed gifts
that the violet brought you today...

My love to you always, M


Life is a dream
waking up next to you must be sheer delight


i am allergic to capitals, as you know. one day, when it is warm and the 401 isn't a whiteout, kath and i are comin to that spa. to eat stew and get spa-ed. maybe not stew, if it's not winter, salad will be fine.


Now that is "fresh" in a glass! Strawberries - yum! Lucky pooch to have her hair and nails done. She's a canine model for good living. I hope you have more relaxing days like this, Gillian.


You are snowed in with Cadbury chocolate? Girl there is nothing to complain about. Cheers from your chocolaholic friend!


just say NO... to capitalization. except for emphasis, of course.

strawberries... their flavor is sugar defined, the very soul of sugar. love tastes like strawberries.

raven is a dream stealer, especially the bright shiny ones. he'll bring it back and leave it somewhere significant some day.


undoubtedly girl
you can write

Gillian daSilva

Oh yes Lori, heading up in a few to read me some Barack and have a green matcha latte.
More snow falls. I'm getting my head around some vacation thoughts...

Gillian daSilva

I do love e.e.
Okay, to the snow pictures. Tomorrow's post is dedicated to YOU.
Snow and all.
I agree about the mixed up messages of our day sometimes...occasionally mine are just that. Fatigue mixed with too much red wine.

Gillian daSilva

So glad you were drawn in! I love hearing from you. Funny, that raven has been following me around lately. Sometimes he perches on the roof of my house. Sometimes while driving I'll look to my right or left and see him perched on a fence.
I don't really know if it is the same one of course...but I like to think of him as a guardian. He keeps me feeling protected, like he is my totem or something...

Like you I'm a skimmer. I take my information in chunks, it's much easier to digest that way.

Gillian daSilva

Your love layer has me reeling Maithri. Your words get me totally drunk. Thanks for that! I hope you enjoy your hot Australian summer...and I am holding out my arms to catch the peace you send on salty wind...sigh.
Sending you poufy sweet peace on clouds of fluffy white merengue ocean waves!!! Vanilla peace baby!!!!

Gillian daSilva

Q I can always count on you to be completely cheeky. Thanks.
And waking up next to me is like waking up next to Angelina Jolie.
I'm kidding. More like, one of the Harlem Globetrotters. (I have naturally curly hair!!!)

Gillian daSilva

I would just love to meet you and your sister here. Please do come for a visit when the weather warms up, we can have lunch at the Greek restaurant across the road...it's like a greasy spoon, but the best kind!

Gillian daSilva

It was. I'm a cheat though.
The smoothie was store bought. BUT! It is all natural with no preservatives. :)
Sylvia loves her de-shedding shampoo treatments, and she waltzes out wearing the latest in bandanna fashions. :)
I hope YOU have relaxing days too my sweet.

Gillian daSilva

Happy Chinese New Year baby...hope the celebrations are going well.
Yes to the Cadbury's...I have a shrine set up with dark, milk and fruit and nut varieties that are worshipped daily. Those ancient Egyptians have nothing on me...I make more sacrifices to the chocolate gods than any other....
(hence my new workout program! I've lost inches and pounds! It enables me to eat more chocolate!)

Gillian daSilva

Yes, love is a strawberry too. Just like Across the Universe-style.
I didn't know raven was a dream stealer! I hope that somewhere significant is close to Rumrunners, so we can get old and go to bingo and play games of boggle til it's time to soak our teeth.
Okay, let's invite Julian too! LOL

Gillian daSilva

love you gemmy poo


i am so doing this. look no capitalizations. look at me with my bad self.

Robin Laws

you make snow days sound like heaven! but then again if you post photographs of strawberry breakfasts it kind of makes anyone who looks not even think about he cold and snow... but imagine a good dream, a sweet smelling happy dog and no capitalizing on the blog for a week!
xox you are endlessly cheerful and positive dear gillian. i love that about you.

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