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January 03, 2009


Wayfaring Wanderer

Stepbrothers is NOT kid friendly!!

Gillian daSilva

They will be in bed LONG before that~~~!!! LOL
Thanks though :) xo


What's a meal without rice?? ;) I haven't made meatloaf in a while, but now that you mentioned it...I'll shape my "picadillo" into a nice loaf and bake it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, GIRL FRIEND!! :) I've missed you. I'm gone for a bit and I see you've been busy househunting and watching crude flicks. How fun!!

Enjoy your movie and I hope you find the home of your dreams the next time you head out. Bon appétit, también. (How do you like my "Spanench?")

Love ya, Chica!!

Gillian daSilva

So good of you to pop in my chica :)
Scarlet happy new year! And rice is a staple around here. Usually brown but tonight we rebelled and had white. It was so yummy.
Love ya right back baby xoxo

Account Deleted

embrace the junk

photograph it beautifully as above

donate, sell, move
go collect more...


embrace the junk

photograph it beautifully as above...


Happy New year! : ) I have to admit I am torn between the meat loaf and the Sunday drive in the country. So I will say they both sound glorious. : )


Oh dear friend,
Typepad just stole my comment.
BACK to try again....

Very grateful you are a multitasker or maybe we would have not met.

Love you in purple toenails and in general!!
Thank you for sharing all your recipes for everyday life!
your friend,


I just adore Sunday drives in the country...
or anywhere for that matter.

I love getting in a car with a coffee and treats
and music and a question mark answered by
a mere 'wherever the winds take me"

or wheels for that matter

love you girl!


my castle in Spain

what a great name for a nail varnish!

i love your de-christmassing ritual :-)

wish you a lovely week end..meatloaf sounds wonderful..

Happy Happy New Year to you dearest Gillian and your loved ones !
Hugs and kisses to you and little Bronwyn

(and...sweetie, watch your post mail)


I want to see the nail polish! I would love to have a movie to watch tonight. My husband has kidnapped the TV (yes we only have one in the house) to watch football..ugh.


I know you love Indian films.
A good one nominated for Golden Globes Best Picture:
Slum Dog Millionaire. Rated R but it's
got lots of heart...loved it.


Oh my goodness. I finally found you again. I lost you from my sidebar. I don't know how and I've searched. Finally found you again through flickr this morning! Yay! Congrats on your engagement! (how was stepbrother?)

Tara Bradford

Hope your house-hunting is successful. It sounds like a lovely day, all around. Love the name of the nail polish - meatloaf, not so much. Although I'm sure yours was fab. It's been snowing all day here! Really beautiful. xoxox


happy new year Gillian.
Just saw your New Year resolutions...#1 was to get married! wow...

well, I pray that all of them becomes a reality :-)

A Fanciful Twist

I can't move. I own too much stuff. And it is inhabiting 3 homes at this very moment ;)

Guess what, I just got the most beuaitufl card in the mail, it has spinning ornaments and is trifolded and double sided and beautiful. I bet you would really like it. If only you could see it. Yep, Alas, it is all mine ;) ;) ;) and I love it!!!

I am making matzo ball soup for my sickling beau ;)

I wish we were going to your house for dinner ;) xoxo

Gillian daSilva

Ah meatloaf. Not one of my regular meals. :O)
It was actually good. We'll see in another year how good it is. I won't make it again for awhile!!! LOL


Stepbrothers is fun. Take your brain out of gear and have a good chuckle. I particularly like the bunk bed scene...

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