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January 20, 2009


my castle in Spain

oh..i love your dream Gillian..!
and yes, let's turn our face to the sun. Since yesterday i feel a bit on cloud nine. I talked to my family in Madagascar and some were just crying tears of joy after watching Obama's inauguration. The whole world has so much hope!

Have a great day!

ps: so glad you received the little box..right now am busy with the valentine cards making. come and have a look on the blog when you have 1 min :-)

Orange Blossom Goddess

What a fabulous post!


What a beautiful dream and one to remember always. And that little photgraphee, what a face! Adorable.


how incredibly beautiful ... :)


Aloha Gill,
Amen..and shine on.
Peace, Kai


Thanks for sharing the dream. May all of our lights shine on.


Tara Bradford

An amazing dream and you are an amazing photographer, mother and friend. As you know, I'm beyond thrilled we have a smart, compassionate new president who is already making a difference. Light, baby! It begins from within, spreads its magic and sparkles everywhere. xoxox


What a lovely dream Gillian. The photography rocks, especially of that beautiful little face!!!! God I could kiss her!!


B...E..W...TI.. FULL ;)

Sorry had to spell that out phonetically cos that was awesome Gill... So awesome...

I love the idea of Jesus in the guise of a prisoner...

What an image...I could weep right now ;) God im pathetic...lol!

Much love, M

Gillian daSilva

For years I've tried to figure out why the prisoner's uniform.

I took it to mean He was imprisoned in His earthly body for us, the ultimate

What better way for someone so ascended to teach, than to come straight to
us and take our form?

So, without sounding (I hope) like a total crackup, I always thought that He
was showing us with the "mask" that we will also all return to our true form
one day.

Which I believe is actually formless.

You could start a whole other blog on this topic.

But as far as dreams go, I try to pay attention to the messages.I've
journalled them over the years and had some fascinating ones.

I would love to do a post soon and ask everyone to comment the most
outstanding dream they've had.

Okay, I'll just email you this is getting ridiculous :-)

Enjoy the day Maithri, and I'll get in touch with you this week.


Gillian daSilva

The dream had many more components to it.
But, it was divine! xo

sheila@simple indulgences

You and your dreams, you should write a book..!
The photographee is beautiful, I love her attitude.
I look forward to their visit this week. We always have fun..!

Cristina B.

I like this post very much.

devil mood

A truly happy day!

susanna's sketchbook

What a great dream! And I like that quote. You're absolutely right - it is easy to define ourselves and one another by our religious beliefs, political stands, where we live in the world, what we do in our careers, what we own...and really, it comes down to what's inside. Just what I needed to read today, Gillian. Thank you.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

YES! Simply, openly..yes. xo


oh yes, throw open our hearts and let it shine!

beautiful Gillian,

Gillian daSilva

It is among the dreams most remembered, it was clear, so clear like it really happened. I'm sure on one level or another it did happen. You, my god woman, YOU sparkle from within I assure you. You are beautiful to look at but when one gets to know you, it's tenfold. And you've got brains to boot. I read your blog in awe. Shock and awe!!! :)

Gillian daSilva

I worry about sharing too much but when you share, you tend to find out that others think these things too.
I wasn't raised in the church, nor do I attend church. Which is what makes this particular dream so poignant I think.

Gillian daSilva

Shining with the best of you...

Gillian daSilva

thanks Darlene...it truly struck me. I held onto that dream for ages, trying to make sense of it. it was a real Epiphany.

Gillian daSilva

Who, Les Miserables up there? LOL
She was moody, so I took a picture to show her what she looked like.
She then started to laugh,
take another mum! take another!
She's a treasure!

Gillian daSilva

Thanks OBG!!!
How are you sweetie!

Gillian daSilva

I cannot bring myself to eat it yet. But I will!!!
So happy for you, talking with your family. You must miss them. :(
Yes, the world abounds with hope, and it's about time. What we think ripples out, and matters. Thoughts become things...so keep on hoping!!!
I'm off to see what you are up to right now...

Gillian daSilva

I think it would have to be a book about the messages and their meanings, rather than dream interpretation. Who knows!
And missy is really hyped about tomorrow. Her mother is too, she just booked a massage at the spa....;P

Gillian daSilva


Gillian daSilva


Gillian daSilva

Oh dear, you are entirely sweet. I think it is true as well, for I know myself inside...which doesn't always reflect on the outside. I would really dislike to be judged. Or to have distinctions made towards me that were not necessarily true.
I read something the other day that made me feel great;
"You are the person you are when no one is looking."
So if you can feel good about that, the rest doesn't matter.

Gillian daSilva


Gillian daSilva

thank you! xo

Tara Bradford

Dearest Gill, whenever everything seems on shaky ground, I have only to turn to you to boost my confidence. Thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive friend. xoxox

Soul Aperture

Such gorgeous photos and your dream...

beautiful, mind opening, poetry.


WOW!!!! This is so very true, finding what we need within. I love this!!!! Also your dream is truly amazing!!!!!

Gillian daSilva

You are MOST welcome xoxoxo

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

Nicely said Gillian!
And your "photograph-ee" is darling even when she appears to not be in the mood :)

Gillian daSilva

ha ha! So true Christine. She gets that from her mother I think...ahem.

Gillian daSilva

Thanks Lori
The dream was so real, that I woke up sure it had happened.
Who knows...

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