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January 01, 2009



oh to meet ALL my friends, new and old in the coming year!! Stranger things have happened :)

Account Deleted

happy, happy
and merry, merry everything
to you,
girl with The List posted


my person fav
on your list----> Get Married!

yippeeee! will be fun
to put a little check mark by That One,
i am thinking....


Yummy! Happy New Year! I'm sorry about your computer woes, but hopefully that's the last you'll have for the entire year ahead!

I love your new photo, it's really fab.



I will help myself to three slices thank you! No New Years resolution to kill my chocolate buzz. I wish you the very best sweet Gillian, to you and your beautiful family.

Much love,

A Fanciful Twist

Happy New Year, Happy Hoooliday, Happy LIFE sweet Gillian!!!

True story - I spilled my champagne in my keybaoooooooooooooooooord (that was an effect of the keyboard there. eriuos. Seriooooooooooooooooos. I guessssssss "oooooooo" is the woooorst affected.

Oooooooooone presssssssssss oooooooooooopssssssssssssssssss shute "S" is affected toooooooo. Oy VEY!!!

Well, yoooooooooou can see my determinatiooon in wishing you everything loooooooooooovely. SOoooorry yoou get to experience my 2009 keyb0ard. HEY! If I use the zer0 as an "O" it is bettter!! ;)


Ooooooookay, well - here I g0.

Yoou are a woooooooooooonderful delight. Y0u are s0 kind and make every0ne laugh and smile. Y0u spread kindnesssss and cheer and wh0les0me g00dness.

When I think ab0ut y0u, y0u can't imagine the feeling I get. 0f admirati0n, thanks and inspirati0n in sharing a bit 0f y0ur genuine g00dness!!

L0t 0f L0ve!!! Vanessssssssssssa (ssssssssss is very sstuck t00.) x0x0


happy new year :) though i'll skip the cheesecake because in all honesty, i cannot eat another bite as the season winds down, tee hee

wishing you all kinds of wonderful in 2009, xo

Wayfaring Wanderer

That looks delicious!


Aloha Gill, I hope your New Year is happy (and delicious!!) I wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday on the 5th, I'll bring Cheesecake when I visit..lol..
Till then, blessings and hope to your precious family.
peace, Kai xx

Account Deleted

Happy new year love!

I sent you a little notice that your treasure is on its way to you!


Tara Bradford

Great new photo, beautiful girl. And soon I am going to find time to write about our NYC adventures! Promise! Miss you and looking forward to seeing you later this year - somewhere! Love you! xoxox


It's about time you tidied up your computer...just joking. I want some of that cheesecake, it looks decadent..!

Robin Laws

your unbridled enthusiasm is also apparently accompanied by a good attitude. me? i would be yelling a blue streak had i deleted my mailbox. i keep my mail like it is a stack of love letters, never to be gotten rid of. come over and see my list... i finally claimed my 2009 intentions :)

that's cute you photo for this year ;)

Gillian daSilva

Wouldn't it be amazing?
I love meeting bloggers. I've yet to be disappointed. All I've met are dear to my heart and considered friends. I love the word you chose for this year, it's making me rethink my list.

Gillian daSilva

good to see you back on the blog my love! it is looking more and more like a beach wedding, so perhaps you'd like to shuffle on by if you can. :)


Ok I am officially salivating all over the computer screen... .triple chocolate cheese cake.....Mother of God that looks good...

Lead us not into temptation O Gillian blue...

As for the new year... you're gettin married, Im gonna africa... How awesome!!!! Have you chosen the cake yet?.... (he says looking at the top of this blog post...hint hint) ;)...

Much love to you Ms. blue,


PS if typepad eats this comment again.... i demand you switch back to blogger...;)


Is there any cheesecake left??? I see you eyeballing it up there.


Happy New Year, dear Gillian:-) I heard you were serving cheesecake so I had to rush on over! hehe Sounds like you've got some exciting plans for 2009 and can't wait to have you share them with us:-) xoxo


When we do meet, is it okay if I hug you first, before telling you about all the love I have for you? : )

Save me some cheesecake, sweetie. : )


Happy New Year

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