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January 06, 2009



Happy Birthday Gillie Clare..!
Too bad we can't see you today, it will be the first birthday we haven't seen you..!
We can catch up with your birthday in a day or so when you feel better.
Today the weather is much like the day you were born, crisply cold but with lots of sunshine.
And... you have been the sunshine in our lives ever since.
We both love you lots...
Mum and Dad..xxx000xxx


Oh my goodness! So many wonderful things. Please let me add my hugs and kisses to the mix. Happy happy birthday! I hope this is the start of a magical year ahead for you.


Gillian daSilva

Mum and Dad
Isn't it all about the mum? After all, were it not for you...? So here's to you! And birthing me all those years ago. It was divined in the stars. Two better parents a girl would be hard pressed to ask for.
I love you guys! xo

Gillian daSilva

Thanks, yes, kind of a "stream of consciousness" post, not really a post, more of a thank you to everyone who acknowledged my day. I've been so lazy today, trying to do stuff, but not really feeling up for it. So thanks for popping in here with your hugs and kisses. I appreciate it! xoxo


I am adding my "Happy Birthday!" to the string of well wishes! Sounds like it has been a fulfilling one so far:) My birthday is on Thursday, the 8th! January birthdays are special aren't they, they add an extra zing to the New Year. Hooray for babies born on frosty days.
Cheers, Shelagh xo


happy birthday beautiful you :) i hope your year is filled with all sorts of amazing magic and your heart filled with love and joy and that your family is healthy and weathers all storms ... xo

A Fanciful Twist

Happy Happy Happpy Merrry wonderful glorious day!!! xoxo

soeurs du jour

Happy Birthday Gillian! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Kath and Margie


l o v e the banner

love candy necklaces

love YOU!!!

hippy happy birthday:)

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Oh, of course you were born on the Epiphany! You're such a soul filled with light. The best, happiest, grandest, yummy, most love-filled year to you, Dear Gillian.

Prayers continue for your Dad, alongside the ones for my Mom. They will persevere. I know it.

Happy, happy Birthday!! xxoo


Let me just add one more Happy Birthday to the list!! Wow, the television thing is exciting!

devil mood

OH it's your birthday!!
Happy Birthday Gillian! I'm glad to know your day was filled with joy.


This morning I knew I had to rush to work....but first get on line and send Blue some love.
Hope your day was cool like you!


Happy Birthday beloved,

Your future looks so bright, it burns my eyes,

All my love,



Happy Birthday dear Gillian:-) I posted a card for you on my blog this morning so make sure you see it!! Sounds like you are having a most wonderful birthday and that's as it should be:-)

My prayers continue for your father!! xoxo


Hi Lovely!
Happy Birthday. It sounds like it was wonderful! mmmmm....candy necklaces:)

And thanks for your vote in the Annual Weblog Awards. I am in 4th place - so it's not looking good:-(


Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!!! You are so the beauty Queen from a movie scene! Not Billie Jean!


HI Gillian, Happy Birthday just thought I'd stop by and wish you a swell day. (I came to your blog via Maddie)
Congratulations on the TV show, I only ever watch design shows, when I watch, and that show is my favourite!

A Cuban In London

Happy Birthday (belatedly)!

Greetings from London.


So glad you enjoyed your day!! : ) Love ya bunches.

Your father is, in my prayers. : )

Wayfaring Wanderer

I absentmindedly missed your Birthday.....Better late than never.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

p.s. I have something for you @ Wayfaring Wanderer


Happy Birthday beautiful one!!!

AND...Candice Olson, get out of here! You have to be sure to let us know when it airs!!!


pam aries

A day late and a dollar short...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May the blue bird of abundance dance on your head!! wooWOOO! Gillian is wealthy !

Cristina B.

Happy Belated Birthday! May this year be full of hope, love, and juicy kisses!!

P.S. I'll keep your father in my thoughts and prayers. My mother recently suffered from breast cancer and recovered...all things are possible with love, hope, prayer and trust in higher beings!

Have a wonderful birthday week!


I set up a whole table at my blog and invited all your little friends. Or how I picture your friends would have looked like.

Gillian daSilva

Oh how adorable!!! Thank you so much xo

Tara Bradford

I was watching Divine Design at 2 a.m. recently and hoping someday I'll turn on the television and there you'll be! Hope you're feeling better now! Will try to phone later this week - was out all day on a photo shoot. Love the photo of the adorable cherub. And candy necklaces! Am glad you had a good day, despite not feeling your best. Love you! xoxox

susanna's sketchbook

Happy Birthday, Gillian!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday week. And yes, I definitely want to see your Divine Design episode. Candice's show is my favourite on HGTV and I can't wait to see what she's put together for you. No doubt it will be gorgeous!!

Gypsy Alex

Happy belated birthday, dearest Gillian! I simply adore your gentle kind fabulous spirit! Wishing you all the happiness and love, on your birthday and always xxox

my castle in Spain

Happy birthday gorgeous !

Have a wonderful time this week !!

Hugs and kisses


You are the sweetest one spreading your love dust where ever you go! Hope you are feeling better now.
Thank you for your light.

Nice new Blog!



Happy Belated Birthday, dear Gillian! I'm a cap too :)
Sound like you were properly celebrated! Sending you love & hugs, sweet one! xxo


I'm sorry I missed your birthday Gillian. It won't happen again! Twenty lashes for me, and a huge hug and wonderful wishes for you, even tho a bit late. xoxoxoxoxo


Congratulations! You are a winner! But you always knew that, right?
Pop over and see:)
Cheers, Shelagh


What a little cutey!! That necklace would taste better in the mouth than around the neck. You get the sugar faster. ;-)
Happy New Year to you as well!!

Robin Laws

happy belated birthday dear!

Karen Cole

HAPPY, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEAR GILLIAN. It sounds like you had the perfect day.

Yes, please let us know when the TV show is on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much birthday love, Karen

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