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December 01, 2008



safe travels.... give our regards to broadway - we love it there!


Such wonderful window displays...when it comes to Christmas time, one of my favourite things to do is walk around looking at all the window displays:-) Love that deer with the wreath around its neck.

My prayers are with your dad. Your mom emailed me to let me know what was going on and my heart truly goes out to all of you, it's a scary time, not knowing what will happen. Have to think positive:-)

Have fun in NY...I'm missing traveling right now but I'm too chicken to travel in the winter time. We got that snowstorm during the night so now we have another 20 cm added to what we already had!! Ugh! Sure does look pretty though! lol xoxo

Gillian daSilva

Thanks so much! xo

Gillian daSilva

We woke in the night to the most beautiful snowfall, the world was aglow and white.
When we woke this morning, nothing. Melted.
I know I'm crazy but I love the winter wonderland.
Until I have to shovel...

Thanks for your well wishes for Dad.
We know it will be early January before he starts treatment. That makes us all the more on edge. We want the treatment NOW!!!

Christina Martin

The postage stamp is beautiful. Have a fun and wonderful trip. Hugs and love to you and Tara : )

Left you something on my blog for your suitcase, but I bet your luggage is full. : ) lol


Happy Happy traveling to you! Enjoy your time with Tara! are you seeing Susanna too I wonder??


Gillian daSilva


Thank you, I am honoured. It truly means so much to me coming from you. xo

Gillian daSilva

Thanks Steph. No, I won't be seeing Susan, or Karen. I only have Wednesday

But Mads and I have been on the phone, and we would like to organize a
multiple day event in NY.

February perhaps, to beat the winter blahs.

Would you be interested too? It's a flicker of a thought on the horizon
right now.:-)


Aloha Gill,
My tree went up today. I was a quandry about it. Blue and silver, or red and green. I think this season id kinda strange.. I need some christmas spirit..
I decided to send you something..
ok now im better..
peace, kai


Have a wonderful time, Gill. Can't wait for the full report of your adventures!

Karen Cole

Nothing like cozying up with your kids and watching a holiday movie.

Happy road trip, Gillian!!!!!!

Gillian daSilva

aloha friend xo
Yes. I needs me some spirit too.
Maybe I'll find some in NY.

Gillian daSilva

Thanks Steph.
Your name and my birthday. One and the same.

Gillian daSilva

Thanks Karen.
It's been very nutty here at home. I will call you on the weekend after I'm home. I hope you (and your knee) are well! xoxo


Just stoppin by to send you some love Ms. G,

I think the simple fact that you took these pics makes them soulful....

Grace is looking through your eyes,

A big hug, M


Oh you are going to have such a great time in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will also be meeting Tara? That is fantastic! Keep positive Gillian, your Dad is strong.

Lisa Swifka

I think of you and your family, especially your Dad constantly. I am keeping everything positive I send out to the UNiverse. I say this often but it's true, the giant collective CAN make a difference. It's all a matter of intensity!
Have a most glorious trip to NY, you are going to love it!!! and how fun to meet Tara!
You're right about the special moments my sweet friend...sometimes the biggest impact comes from simple moments of pure bliss.
Love and hugs,


Hi Gill,
Last year I had the great pleasure to re~watch Frosty with my Godchildren. It was the first time I had seen it since I was a child! It made me happy too!

I guess the what you are saying is that the soul of the season can't be found on the outside. We must bring if with us from within.

love to you and yours as we set fouth into the holidays!


Gillian I see the Eiffel tower in that second photo! Truly a sign for you because I know that you and Tara shall get together in New York.. New York!!! I'm anxious to get a full report about Broadway..not done that yet!Enjoy your travel!hugs

Mary T.

Hoping all is going better than we hope it can be with your dad! Sheila and Ivo are in my prayers all the time. It has to be a difficult season for you! Loves and hugs to everyone!


You must be in NYC having a blast with Tara!


Hope you had fun in NYC! Been thinking about you!! Love to everyone!!

pam aries

ZOwie! My other fave city is New York!I used to go see plays and musicals waaaay back in the early 80's...whew! I know you will have a grand time..and meeting up with TARA! oH,, GIRlFRIEND... YOU HAVE T0 COME TO pORTLAND NOW!

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