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December 09, 2008



Glad to hear your havin an awesome time in NYC,

I love "Elf"!!

"I walked through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, through a sea of swirly twirly gum drops and through the lincoln tunnel"


Love it!

Love to you Ms. blue,



Believe it or not I've never seen "Elf" - I'll have to rent it.
Thanks for sharing some of the views - I feel like I've been windowshopping in NY.
Safe amd happy traveling to you and Tara, both!

angela marie

What an absolute treat! I love LOVED your photos! Awesome!

I loved the movie "elf" too. My grown kids laughed so hard while watching it, I had to watch it myself.



great set.... feel sure that you are having a wonderful time there....


Aloha Blue,
I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in New York. It's a groovy city that dances to it's own beat.
I adore the dresses, and those eye lashes!! lol..they rock.. :)
peace and love and warm fuzzies..


Ahh.. Gillian you got to the big apple! I really enjoyed all the images that you shared with us! I am sure you pinch yourself now..after having a whirlwind of a weekend in New York!All the memories..you relive through these wonderful photos!
I agree Miss Tara is one special lady ..having had the pleasure of meeting with her myself in Paris...
Gillian..Paris the city of lights waits for your visit!! Happy holidays! Sending healing energy to your dad..and comfort to Sheila..hugs aNNa xo


I LOVE THE MOVIE ELF!!! I thought I was the only one..LMAO!!!I own it, watch it every Christmas since it came out, right along with, "It's a Wonderful Life."

Those pictures are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get there! Too bad that you and Tara won't be there to hang out with. I will have to console myself with tea at The Plaza!

Keep posting those pictures!!

Lisa Swifka

I am waiting with bated breath to hear all that you did while there. Love the store images, nothing beats their displays. Did you get to see a show? Greenwich Village? MORE MORE!!!

Elf just cracks me up! I can hear him yelling SANTA!!!!

Sending lots of love to you,

Account Deleted

Hi love!

I am so romanced by these pictures, and so wish I could go there this winter. It would be heavenly!

Ok... I have a question for you:

How are you liking this typepad connect? I'm frustrated with it because I can't access commenters email address and therefore can't reply to them directly. Am I just not using this right?? ugh!

Mother Henna aka Kara

FUN!!!! Did you stop at the Plaza for tea?? :) miracles, k-

Tara Bradford

Your photos are gorgeous! I think I took those same ones - we'll see when I have time to sort them all. Love that movie - something about the holiday season makes all those children's movies seem magical all over again. Miss you! xoxox


what a time you had! I adore these windows with the reflected buildings, they tell the tale of the big city!!

especially that last one....and YES! loved Elf


Gillian! I so want those eyelashes and uhem... the peacock. These are wonderful shots!

Each time we watch elf, I have to laugh after the burp- "Did you hear that?". lol


I was just on another blog, oohing and ahhing over luscious pictures of New York in December:)) How wonderful! I get another view. These are lovely pictures:)

Mary T.

Wonderful photos you both have. I love them both on blogs.

Karen Cole

I am definitely going to miss seeing those beautiful windows this year. The reflections are magical, Gillian. Wish I could have come to play, too. :-(

Gillian daSilva

Oh :(
Me too. I should have booked an extra day. I want to come back in the Spring. We should make a plan. Next time, I want at least four nights. A long weekend!
I'm glad you got to meet Tara too. Isn't she amazing! Sounds like Marilyn Monroe. Super sweet. xo

my castle in Spain

Magnifique !! those shopwindows are so magical...
and me too i want those eyelashes !
and...want to hear more about your New York adventures with Tara !


You made it there
you can make it anywhere

So glad you had a BLAST!

david mcmahon

G'day from Australia. Fireblossom said I simply HAD to come here and I'm glad she did.

I was T H I S close to being in NYC for a coupla days in early September but had to take a different connection back home on Air Canada.

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