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December 05, 2008


devil mood

Oh how simply wonderful these pictures are! Enjoy :)

Lisa Swifka

I went to NY 3 (2003, 2004 and 2005)years in a row.....I still want more. The first year was mid Dec. so everything was lit up for Christmas. It snowed a bit.We saw 2 Broadway plays....It was magic. The second 2 years were in October with just gals...brunch at the Plaza, a night out a club called BED.....making deals on Canal Street. Having coffee in Greenwich Village...strolling art vendors. There is SO much to see and do in that city I haven't even touched the surface!
I feel your excitement and the awe and wonderment at seeing what we only read about. I can't wait to hear more and see more photos from your trip. How fantastic to meet and spend time with Tara.
Start spreadin' the news.........
Love and hugs,


Looking at those pictures, it's no wonder you loved New York City so much! It really makes me want to go there too, especially at Christmas time. Hopefully one day:-) xoxo


Aloha Gill,
Oh my gosh, how fun to have a girl trip right before Christmas to New York babeee..
I love the Brownstones, the carriages and all your pictures, but I especially love the way you describe your friendships..
the privelage is all ours to know you :)

peace, Kai

Kate Robertson


The pics are so wonderful. I've never been to New York so this is fun for me,



Love NYC. It's been a long time since I've been there....It struck me as if each neighborhood was a small town. Everyone knew each other and met at the coffee shop in the mornings. I made some friends there too!

pam aries

Oy! I"M all faklimpt... how could you not love NY..I'm askink...how?Your pics take me back . I can read the excitement in your post! L'chaim!

soeurs du jour

I love New York too! It's just so exciting.



Oh my gosh! You are becoming a New Yawker! I can tell by your talk. ;) xoxoxo

Tara Bradford

I can't wait to get home and write about our time together! Your photos are wonderful, as was our day! Such great New York stories we have to tell. Merci, merci for meeting me in New York and for the lovely turn of phrase here, dear Gillian. xoxox


okay, JEALOUS. there you go. my dream city i have visited once.


I can just see you and the effervescent
Tara cavorting around NY city
with your very own brand of silliness and
joy ~ infecting everyone around you
with delight:)

You two are truly kindred soulfriends
and I can't imagine a more magical
place to meet up for the first time ~
especially around Christmas:)

I love love love your flickr photo's
~ especially Vincent:)



These photos are too cool! Love em, Gillian.; )


Oh Gillian!!!!! Next weekend is my turn!!! I.Cannot.Wait.


The hydrant parker reminds me of the old joke..."God loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an a**hole!"

Gee, I might fit right in in New Yawk!


You sound like a full felded New Yawker alright!! What a magical time to visit...it is a city like none other.

More More!


ha! fledged.....

Gillian daSilva

Yes! I will go back for sure. I just loved it there.
There is way too much I didn't get to see yet...

Bohemian mom

Ohhh....how awesome!
I LOVE New York!!! It's a secret dream of mine to live there one day in Soho, or Chelsea.
These pics are fabulous!! Yay for you!


Love!! how you Luv NEW YARK!
It is the BEST PLACE!
So much energy.
So much color.
So many types of people.
It's magic!
Keep having a wonderful adventure Gill!


OMG, I love this post! LOVE it! And now I am dying for some soft belly lox and a good museum visit.

And doesn't Tara have the sweetest, sexiest voice you've ever heard? I could listen to her talk all day.

SO glad you're loving NY and sharing it with us.

Karen Cole


Can't wait to see more.

....and Tara was delightful in Philly, too. No photos though :-(


I've never been to NY, but somehow you've captured it just as I imagine it - loud and brassy, full of fun and attitude.
How fun that you were able to meet Tara there in the city that never sleeps!


Egads girl!! I am green with envy!!! I love NYC...LOVE, LOVE it and have never been at Christmas time. It is a dream of mine so seeing your photos just made my heart go pittty pat!

I know you are having a blast. Give my regards to Broadway...: )


susanna's sketchbook

Awww...I'm so glad that you had such an amazing time in New York. Yep, it's a fun city, that's for sure, and especially at Christmas. :)

Gillian daSilva

Oh I was so bummed at not having more time. I wanted to see the shops you recommended. I left wanting more. I loved it Susanna. xoxo

Cristina B.

Great photos Gillian!!! I love your take on NY!!!


Oh, I remember those big red baubles, love them! This has been so nice, following your trip to NYC in pictures and words. When I still lived in Massachusetts that was one of my favorite things to do, taking the three hours drive to the Big Apple, and going there at Christmas is one of the best times! Kerstin xo


I'm thrilled to bits and pieces to have discovered your wonderful blog via David (authorblog)!

Your photos are spectacular and your delectable post about New York bought a big fat grin of recognition. We spent 3 weeks in that scintillating city last Christmas and never has a place lived up to, and beyond, expectations as this! Can't WAIT to read more about your visit.


Oooh, just one more thing....I see on your profile that Madeira is on your list of interests. Going to spend Christmas and New Year there, so would love some inside info, but I can't find anything you've written about the island on your old blog?


So you was in my 'hood when ya took da pitcher of da baked goods in Eurowhatsits window. We coulda past one anodudder on the street. Next time ya should let me know youse is comin' an I'll buy ya a Starbucks


David sent me ...

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