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November 17, 2008


Maryam in Marrakech

Oh.......you are the very sweetest, G. Your guestroom is looking fab!!! All ready for when I come visit:)

Mary T.

It is a lovely looking blanket and just the thing to keep you warm on a cold Canadian night! Beautiful!


Oh my gosh! this blanket is gorgeous!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

You know, when he comes home...I'm ordering one. From our favorite lady, Maryam.

Love and prayers for your Dad. xo


I own two of Maryam's blankets. Not only are these Moroccan wedding blankets stunning but they are indeed a treasure and an investment. Maryam is a delight to work with and an honest person. So people should feel comfortable ordering from her. Yours is beautifully displayed.

Gilly I heard you too were going to NYC! I am there on Dec 12 to see Equus.

somewhere joe

It's beautiful, Gill, magical! You and J deserve nothing less under which to snuggle on your wedding night, and beyond.

A good blanket, for my money, is civilization's primal comfort, to which all others must defer.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....i have a passion
for cuddly blankets ~ they make all the magic
and difference in the world ~
it's gorgeous ~ Maryam has a beautiful eye
for the unique and enchanted:)

love you girl:)


What a beautiful blanket, and replete with such deep meaning. I'll have to pop over and take a gander.


To me, this is one of the great joys of getting to read other people's blogs...I get to learn about wonderful things like this, about which i had not the slightest clue. What a neat thing! (I love the Eiffel Tower drawn onto the guest room wall in silhouette, too!.)


This is absolutely gorgeous.


Blue, It's all in the details. The wedding blanket is beautiful and sacred. Enjoy all that magical noise.

Mother Henna aka Kara

Beautiful! When my friend H got married, our other friend A brought her a blanket like this. When we covered the bed with it, A told us stories about seeing the rituals of wrapping up the bride in this kind of blanket, etc. It was such an interesting ritual to hear about! Miracles!!! k-


Oooohhh, these are beautiful! I really do, love your guest room. ; )

Wayfaring Wanderer

What a lovely blanket....and the story behind it is so special.....

A GUEST BEDROOM!!! So, this means I can come visit, right?! haha


What a gorgeous spread. All of Maryam's finds are sooo lovely! And the postcard is a perfect touch. I haven't read a Nick Bantock book in ages. They are so wonderful.

Paris Parfait

Ooh, you and me too! I have been adding to my collection of these gorgeous blankets. Am taking one to Jordana in Philadelphia. Your guest room looks terrific! xoxox

karen cole

It looks beautiful! You are beautiful, Maryam is beautiful, the blanket is beautiful, the room is beautiful. How do you do it?

Lisa P

So beautiful....the blanket, the story and the room...oh and the woman, especially the woman. This started my day today. Feeling gloomy and sad and I feel much better now. Thank you for that.



Ok I think this calls for a list...

First of all, your photography rocks!! I can FEEL the blanket through the photograph... awesome...

Second of all... The room looks like something out of a magazine... How'd you do it?? You should be on Oprah.

Third of all...Your Descriptive powers so finely tuned...lyrical and immediate...Another reason you should be on Oprah.

Ok I'm off to drink egg nog and get fat,

Big love, M


Oooooh la la! That's beautiful, Gillian. It looks so great in your guestroom. I've been taking note of your interior posts and you have quite an eye for decorating.

Gillian daSilva

thanks so much Joe, you are right...primal comforts are worth the investment!

Gillian daSilva

Well M, if you do come visit, the room will be ready for you!
BTW, I just adore my blanket. It is the beginning of a new collection I hope!

Gillian daSilva

Yes, lately, with four weeks STILL until the official start of winter, I have double duty lip balm and extra warm socks on as we are Fuh-Reezing!!!!!!!!

Gillian daSilva

I pray he comes home to you soon. When he does, I think blankets will rank a little lower on the list ;P


The sound effect created here in the blanket and heard when it is moved is amazingly innovative idea.When there is boredom and drudgery in life a little something like this brightens up life.

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