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November 12, 2008



Sounds like an awesome day!

You're so right about the 'taking your life back' stuff...

Theres just too much demanding our attention at all times... It can drive you nuts...

I'm tryin to do a similar thing... Deep breaths... Gettin back in control of what my life is and where its going.

Big love to you my friend,
Miss ya,



Niagara-on-the-Lake! That's one of my favourite places in Ontario! Have you been there in mid-May or in September? In the spring, the orchards are in bloom with millions of delicate pink and white flowers. It's soooo pretty! And in the fall, the orchards are thick and heavy with fruit and the vineyards are lush with tall grapevines. There's a festival every September where you can dine in the vineyards while fireworks light up the sky.

And when are you coming to NYC?

Paris Parfait

David spoke at a conference at Niagara on the Lake a couple of years ago - they whisked him to and fro amidst the snowfall in a white limo. :) So glad you and Graciel got to meet. She won my recent giveaway. Lovely photos. xoxox

Mary T.

I love the falls, and I couldn't agree more with scheduling. It gives you so much more time. I have a little two year calendar that I carry with me (about the size of a checkbook) and it tells me when to breathe. But, boy is it handy.


"I plan to make a plan"....oh yes, I've been there too. I am the queen of lists and I must say lists are liberating! Lovely pics of Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Looks like a wonderful day was had! I have been trying to wean myself off NPR and listening to this...pertaining to taking your life back :)



My castle in Spain

what a lovely place this Niagara-on-the-Lake !
dear Gillian...i don't know what your plans are but wish you all the best of luck !!!

btw, i love your new picture on the left bar...you're so cute !

ps: glad to hear this about the cards...!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Oh, yes, it WAS delightful! So happy to have met another kindred spirit. Looking forward to a spring meet-up in Toronto, with hopes it is less windy and much warmer! But so many seem to wish for a visit to the gorgeous Niagara on the Lake, perhaps we should manifest a bloggers weekend there next year? Make the decision and it will happen, right?

Canadian girls rock! xo


oOo, faith is rewarded! A new and wonderful post from Gillian!

Meeting a friend? Lunch? Shopping? Yack yack? What could be better than that? Not much, that I can think of!

Good for you, doing what you need to do. RAWR. I wish you every success. And yes, I've been there.

And of course, yes, Canadian gals DO rock. Duh. LOL. ;-)


Dear Gillian,
Truly glad the the world of Blog has givin you the opportunity to meet Graciel! That you could have a day together. What a gorgeous name she has, the meaning too!
Impressed by your decision to take control!
You are always an inspiration!! Now you have handed me the baton ~ I have my areas I must work on too!
love you!


Your blog is looking


I meant
Mavalous Dahling!

Maryam in Marrakech

Oh my.....what I wouldn't have given to be with you two darling girls - some of my favorite blog people!!!!

Do let us know how you are doing with the taking back your life thing. And *please* include tips!!! So we can try it!!!!


ha, came to visit you through christina at soul aperture and laughed out loud, i blog with my sister who lives in niagara on the lake and i just spent four days tooling around there, just like you. isn't it a fun spot??


sorry, my url screwed up on me. duh, hate that.

The Lady Prism

Wow! It's a wonderful wonderful feeling to meet bloggy' friends for real. I've done it twice. It would be awesome if someday I'd get to meet you and Graciel too! Oh that would be such a sparkling highlight of my life.


Suck rich beautiful pictures! Wonderful to meet a friend.

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