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November 15, 2008


A Fanciful Twist

Oh my goodness, I needs to be theres with ya!!! let's pretend)

And your banner is so elegant and beeeeYOUteeful!!

Let's pretend we are mermaid in that ocean, k?

Have a lovely movie and cuddle!! xoxo


Ohhhh, I so know what you mean about grey, rainy days. I've been feeling the same way these last couple of days...a bit blue...and for no particular reason. I'm thinking that a day in New York will cheer me up...maybe I'll grab a peppermint hot chocolate to get me into the early holiday spirit. Anyway, your photo and description of Hawaii is beautiful and refreshing. Thank you.


Gillian, my sister sent me over to see your blog ... she was right! I do love it.

Lisa P

Oh Gillian....sending all my get well and healthy vibes to your dad. I pray the results are good too.
I must go to Hawaii some day...you should be a national spokesperson for them, you paint the imagery so beautifully.
I wish I were there with you drinking tea, watching Annie Hall and chatting.
Miss you shugs...sending you a big electronic hug.


That's a beautiful photo!

My son is here visiting me. He lives in Alaska where right now it's in the mid 30's and rainy so he's enjoying all the sunshine we have....so I can realte to your mood. I'm sure everything will be ok and worry never changes anything. Focus on the positive things and let the others go. I'm sending you a big hug. Now go enjoy that cup of tea and the movie.

Paris Parfait

Stunning photo, dear Gill. Just relax and breathe. It's good to take some time out just for yourself. You deserve it! Everything else will wait for a little while. xoxox

Mary T.

UmmmmHhhh! What a magic day you have a picture for. I feel better just reading about it.


There's nothing that a hot cup 'o tea and a Woody Allen film can't cure...but yeah, I'm with you, I needs me a little Hawaii or Havana or something like that (an anywhere but here kind of a place). :)

I love the way you described Hawaii and the hours it adds to your life just by contemplating its beauty. Poetic.

I will say a prayer for your papi this evening and I will wish peace on all your hearts. :)

Cuidate, Chica. Take care. Dream BIG. Think good thoughts.

The Lady Prism

Now, you've made me miss the sea. Oh, I long to be near the ocean, the bay, the lake, just any body of water where time magically stretches in languid loveliness.

And I so feel what you are feeling. Wish I could do what you are doing instead of having to do what I'm doing right now.Sigh.

Have a lovely week.
And of course, it was a delight to find you in my blogyy home :)


Oh oh Annie Hall...I fell in love with that movie when I saw it on the big screen way way back in 1970-something. I too still pop it in the DVD player when I "need to". When the need hits I also pop in "Under the Tuscan Sun", "The Holiday", "Le Divorce" (for Paris scenes), "The First Wives Club", "Banger Sisters", or or or...oh so many movies.

Beautiful photo too.


Oh sweetie of course you feel like escaping, your Dad must be constantly on your mind. I wish for him the best. It is never easy when you have a parent ill.

Your banner rocks. Totally classy and relaxing. That picture of the bay in Hawaii, makes every armchair traveler dream. Have a wonderful week my friend.


Aloha Blue..
I love the islands, it took my heart falling in love with something greater then their magic to get me to leave..
But they never ever leave your soul, and somewhere out in the deepest blue ocean, their soul sings songs that haunt my memories..
peace and love, Kai

Cristina Blanton

Hot cup of tea, Annie Hall, grey days...Hawaii would be on my mind too!!
P.S. loving the updated blog banner- trés chic!


My word, look at the color of that water!

best wishes for you and your father, sweety.


I used to have a boyfriend who traced his ancestry back to Captain Cook...he was so proud of his heritage and by proxy, I was too and learned a great deal about this man who was a brighter star during the ages of colonization.

Although I don't blame you at all for wanting to be near such a beautiful place.

Annie Hall is probably one of my desert island movies. It's a movie I can watch anytime, quote from it often, and the parts with Coney Island and the family just crack me up. I wonder how many times I've seen this film now that I think about it. The best Woody Allen film EVAH.

Guess I know what I might be watching tonight! ;-)

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