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November 02, 2008



Hi Gillian,
Lovey tribute to the ones you love. Everything you said about your respect for this holiday is also mine.
Happy all Souls Day,
Los Dias de Los Muertos.

Your art work looks great,
lively and colorful!


Your dia de bloglandia contribution is lovely! I'm a first timer, too, and I am just astounded at the care and love which people are folding into their projects.

I was FLOORED when I saw the little tag line, "senor, down here we do things slow", and the link to Bajo La Lune Mexicana (Mexican Moon). I have used that song on repeat play to write poetry to several times before--or just to enjoy a mood--and the thing that really is amazing is that I played that song while composing my poem for dia de bloglandia. Without sending you into a snooze, so MUCH has happened, together, in my life lately, revovling around this same theme of death, loss, and a return to joy.

Anyway, I love your blog and your ofrenda! I have bookmarked you.

here is my link: http://fireblossom-wordgarden.blogspot.com/2008/11/day-of-dead.html


I love your very nice tribute. Thank you for sharing. Your artwork is great.


how beautiful! i absolutely love your feathered skullies!!! and your little tag is the cutest... thank you so very much for sharing and letting us peak into your dia de los muertos celebration!

just discovered your fantastic blog through dia de bloglandia, it is so very nice to meet you!!!


Such a lovely little altar......
yes, this is a day to remember with joy.


Thank you for your visit. I look forward to seeing you again :)
You altar is wonderful...a great way to remember and celebrate the life of loved ones.


gorgeous photo's Gils ~ this celebration
reminds me so much of the Irish wake
~ the immersement in the LIFE of the
person rather than a somber departure ~
Next year you must come out and we will
go to the Parade of Lost Souls in Vancouver:)


How wonderful! Remembering the departed with a celebration.

Your pictures are so vibrant. Beautiful tribute! : )

Art Tea Life

Your alter has sweetness and seeing the calaveras/ catrinas makes me smile...wondering who they are to you.

Oh thank you for the Concrete Blonde - an old fave ! And I had not heard / thought of for so long now. Must dig out old CD's!

PERFECT for your post.



Such a wonderful, cheerful way to remember those who have passed. Thank you for sharing your tribute :-)


Oh those are WONDERFUL skeletons. I really like the bright, vivid colours of their dress. Thank you for participating, Gillian.

PS: Concrete Blonde - oh I have happy memories of that band. :)


lovely! - thank you for sharing with all of us - such a wonderful holiday - remembering...

xox - eb.

karen cole

Beautiful, Gillian. The music, the sights, the company.

Mother Henna

Gillian! I feel like I've finally caught up with you :) Somehow I've known you moved your blog over here, but never changed the links in my list, so it's been a while. I looooooooooooove your banner with the starry eyed skull -- and it is so cool to be zooming around checking out everyone's Dia de los Muertos entries. Lots and lots of miracles to you!!!

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

I love your alter darling Gillian. It has color and vibrancy and love all intertwined.
Like you.
Love you.


Beautiful as is the post before. Love the moon. and all it's phases. I hadn't read that poem before, but will now a lot! Thanks for sharing

Mary T.

Hi Gill,

It is so good to see your post and feel like a part of the blogging world again. I'm not a fan of this holiday, it always creeps me out a bit, but have often worked with the DOTD stuff at the museum. They do make it sparkly! So, good to be back.


Thankyou for joining in and letting us share your thoughts,Juliet

rachel whetzel

beautiful!! this year is my first year celebrating also!!


Isn't this great? Honoring our departed loved ones without tears and grief. Enjoyed the music and your shrine.

A Fanciful Twist

I am sitting in a state of shock and dismay!

Mr. Lovee's forte song, that he played for me on his guitar when I met him, and I fell in love with him instanly to, that he plays many times a week for me to fall asleep to, is Mexican Moon!!!!

I can't believe it!! it is my heart of all hearts song!!!

I must find a copy of his band performing it, and send it to you!



I adore your little alter - those feathers!

Happy Dia de los Muertos!


Your altar is so lovely! AND the music, yes! I have to write a really long comment so I can continue listening :)

thank you so much for sharing and being part of the Dia de Bloglandia celebration!


devil mood

I'm really enjoying the song :)
Hope you're having a good day and that your first celebration such as this is very meaningful.
Over here it's all the day of the dead but people tend to see it as gloomy and dark, not colourful and Mexican ;)


Lovely! I have to hide my entry, it is horrible! My husband drew a skeleton which we pasted to the door and put offerings underneath. Sad...LOL. It was our first, next year hopefully better.


Love it, your oferenda is as lovely as you are!


I love how music can set the tone or mood. It can underscore a feeling. Your choice of "Mexican Moon" was inspired! Thank you for sharing your art and your feelings.

quilted cavalier

Thank you for sharing in this special day! Your posting is so moving, lovely.



I have not heard this song in yeeeeears! Thank you for linking it..brings back many memories. Your post is beautiful..the skulls reminders of the humor and joy surrounding this holiday of remembrance!

Amanda @ A Tuscan View....

I love your joyful little shrine. It's so uplifting. What a wonderful contribution to this celebration. best wishes amanda


Gillian a wonderful tradition! I love your tribute to loved ones passed on.


Gillian a wonderful tradition! I love your tribute to loved ones passed on.


ah what a magical find! hoorah! can't remember how i got here. oh yeah. via the star man...qatar or something like that. LOVE your blog! x janelle


Such gorgeous photos! Your little altar is beautiful! I did not have an altar but went to a parade with friends and it was a lovely shared experience.

Paris Parfait

That is gorgeous! You have many talents, dear Gill. xoxox


My goodness, your family of skeletons is very well dressed, all a-feather! Cute.


We were vacationing in Mexico during this celebration. All traffic gives way for the parades.

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