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October 06, 2008



Holy Moly you are gorgeous!! : ) And that sweet Olivia..as pretty as can be. Such a smile!
This was a beeautiful wedding! The flowers are glorious! I love the tulip bulbs and the donation card. Such a precious remembrance for the guests.
They look so happy and now...I can not wait to see YOU as the bride! *grin* What a knock out you will be.



It was a very beautiful wedding and the cake was truly amazing.

maryam in marrakech

oh my goodness, I love that wishing tree. And you, lovely girl, look, well, lovely:)

PS I just saw that you posted on Rwanda below. Thank you so much!!!


Beautiful, Beautiful,

You've got such a talent for photography...

Thank you for your post about Rwanda below... You have a powerful voice and I'm so grateful that you use it for the good.

Much love to you Bluedacious one,



OMG, what a fantastic riot of colour. The flowers are spectacular in that antique silver.
You looked so cute yourself! and #1 granddaughter looks so sweet with the bride.
The mehndi on the bride's hands is lovely, makes me want to have mine done again.

devil mood

I know weddings are supposed to be all about the bride but you looked stunning!
I hope you got some good ideas for your own wedding :) And best wishes to the newlyweds! (they had a great photographic reporter in you!)

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

What an amazing wedding celebration that was...the mix of cultures both in sight and sound! It felt vibrant and luscious in your photographs. And speaking of that........could you BE any more beautiful? OH what a bride you are going to make!
Much love and hugs,


That's a beautiful song to walk down the aisle to. Just think, soon that will be you taking those steps. I became so excited FOR YOU reading this post because I know it's right around the corner, and I could see the joy in your little girl's eyes. She knows what coming next year.

You captured the day beautifully in pictures. I love the wishing tree and the cake looks out of this world delicious! What a fun celebration. My best wishes to the new husband and wife! :)

Paris Parfait

Oh Gill - you are gorgeous! What a stunning photo of you! As for the happy couple, they are very photogenic too. What a lovely ceremony, filled with so many meaningful touches. Thanks for sharing the joy. xoxox


beautiful photos....I love what you're wearing...?salwar kameez?...very pretty.

Karen Cole

Goodness girl, is there anything in your life that isn't beautiful???

Are those your hennaed hands? How about a spa/chai/henna party?......and everyone must wear red.

xo K


Those hennaed hands are incredible. What a beautiful wedding, a beautiful bride.


What an absolutely wonderful wedding! That bouquet was stunning. ...and the cake. I love weddings that mix modern with tradition well. Depeche Mode...perfect!

My Castle in Spain

oh..these hennae hands..and the bride is so sweet..Love all these red flowers and you dear Gillian, mon Dieu..you're simply STUNNING !!!

robin bird

whoa! gillian when at first i briefly set eyes upon the photos for this post i thought, oh goodness she has had her wedding! but soon remembered that that gay event is for another time ;) you did such a great job documenting the event in these pictures. the cake, OMG that cake! i could eat an entire tier myself :)


Wow Blue,
could be worth getting married just for the dessert and the wedding cake
but who really needs to get married if one gets you - the icing on the cake with the cherry on top!


Hi Gillian,
Got your e-mail
You are most welcome
Can't seem to reply to your e-mail, so the comment as above will have to do.

Wayfaring Wanderer

YOU my dear are going to be the most beautiful bride EVAR!!!!

somewhere joe

Lovely little wedding album, Gill. Well done.

I'd like one of those things with the candy straw and the sliced strawberry on top.

Pecos Blue

Wow what a cake and her hands. So pretty! Love it!


May the sun always shine it's rainbow of vivid colors down upon Rose and Adil! May their hands stay entwined through the joys and hard times too.
May they find strength in each other.

These photos are the best! To include the one of you Gillian!!



How lovely to see your friends joined in such a beautiful ceremony.
Sending love to them.
Blowing kisses and hugs to you,Julian and the girls.
Muah Muah!

pam aries

What a fantastical wedding! Since I have been working at my friend's event planning company..I especially appreciate the decor! You look stunning , my dahling!! miss you!


Some really beautiful ideas...the wishing tree and the tuplip bulbs, how lovely!

AND how lovely are YOU...


Oh what fun! I love it when people include their own cultures into their weddings. The bride's hands are gorgeous! And you look great in your own Indian-inspired outfit, Gillian.


What a beautiful wedding! I send them many blessings! And yes I would like dessert, my friend. ; )


Hi Gillian! Wow, what a riot of exotic colours that wedding must have been. I love the Indian dress you're wearing, it's gorgeous (as are you!). Thanks for sharing :) Hope you're well. I'm happy to be back here, have been catching up on some of your posts over the summer. Looks like you had a lovely holiday. Beautiful photos. Much love, xx


OMG! this is a perfect preparation for the cake so fabulous,i amaze...!


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