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October 22, 2008


somewhere joe

No, I wouldn't do that. It's an awesome privilege to be born, but I think our life here is only a loan. For all its many beauties, love being the greatest, our life in this world is deeply flawed... and temporary for a reason. If you've found love, your life is complete.


Sending good thoughts to your Dad.

I could not shorten anyone's life, it might be the only year that person had left.


Your Dad has my good thoughts Gillian!
As to the question:
Never, no!!


Aloha Gillian,
I couldn't take a moment from anyone else, but I'd give all of mine in a heartbeat to save another.

I noticed you're helping Kiva now too.. I've sponsered 3 folks now and they've al payed me back, it's my pass it on (lottery win..lol)

You rock, peace, Kai


Oh NO I couldn't do that...I think I need to get myself this book.

I too lend at Kiva and I think in this market I have had the best return on my money....my "earnings" that go right back out to another borrower.


I'd have to say no to that question, too. I can't imagine anyone saying yes to that, either.

Great neon green and black striped socks! You are in the spirit! Have you decorated your spa for Halloween? If so, can we see pictures?

And yes, I certainly wish your father well during his surgery. Just remind him that you live in a country with great doctors and nurses. What might scare us, doesn't scare them. They're pros at what they do.


I could not take a year from anyone, just so I could add a year to my life. Nah!
Wouldn't ever be able to look at myself in the mirror after that!!!!


oh my goodness I am so hungry now! Your father will be in my thoughts. Hugs


Hey Blue. Love those green striped leggy things. Re question 60, well, if could be selective, I might. If I could choose someone in prison for some unmentionable crime, someone who doesn't need to bring more misery to another, but if I couldn't be that selective, no, no, no, I could not.
A prayer winging your way. xoxoxo

Lisa P

I would not be able to take a year from someone's life. What if you took that year from someone you loved only to live that extra year without them? I would however give up any amount of time that I have in order to give it to my children.

I am very curious about that book...will have to make a trip to the library.

Sending all the good health vibes to your pa.



Thoughts are with your dad...

No way could I do that, how could you live that extra year comfortably knowing that.

Sounds like a movie idea to me...


What a thought provoking book that must be. To answer the question, no, I couldn't do that. We're each here on our own path, with our own lives to live. I believe in karma and that would be very bad karma!!


i have missed you...you even moved and i didn't know...i could not shorten another's journey...hugs, rebecca

Paris Parfait

No, I couldn't do it either. No way I could live with the guilt! Thinking good thoughts for your dad.

The meal you whipped up sounds delicious! Great photo - love the socks! xoxox


I wonder if people waiting for an organ transplant ever think of that -
or whether they just pray there's some road kill (car crash) soon - and preferably young road kill - so that they can get whatever organ they need.


Blue, I guess the other question would be: kill or die.

Would you take the last bit of bread to feed your child, even if it meant someone else's child dying?

Aside from that,
here's wishing you a fun weekend
filled with yummies and much delight


Dear Gill,

First of all your dad is in my prayers, sending healing vibes across the miles...

Second of all my cousins found a book like this once... I think it was called kokology... it was full of all these interesting what ifs, and scenarios...and i think we spent about a hundred hours sitting there answerin all the questions and laughing at each others answers...

Thanks for the memories my friend,

Much love, M


I couldn't take a year, but I have often thought "What if I could give a year." Especially when my family was ill.
But we get what we are given, and I think that is for a reason. We must enjoy each day.

A Fanciful Twist

I don't think I would, at all. But then the question asks, what if they told you whose year of life you were taking away? I mean what if you were a mom and had little kids and you could gain one more year with them, and the year you gained would be taken from a murderer on death row...

Then what?

Now, that could get complicated...

So, I could sit here and say, no no, I would never do that. But, in reality, would I? If the person whose year of life I was taking away was a murderer on death row? I don't know.

Then the quesiton is, would I have guilt that whole year. Even if the person was a bad person whose year I gained...

Tricky Tricky... Good questions, good book!

Lots of wonderful vibes to your dad!!

xoxo, V

gypsy Alex

Hi girl! I love this photo!!! :) And thanks for the Halloween card, and the photos, and all the love! I have the Moroccan slippers frame by my desk! Sweet! ~ xxox

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