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October 29, 2008



that reminded me to send you my very
special hot chocolate recipe ~ it is
so involved or i may post it...

i am in retreat mode now ~ all my scooting
around has me quite tuckered...

so i have incense going and matcha tea
and my new album playing and feeling
dreamy peaceful visiting you here:)


somewhere joe

moon in my cocoa
melting sweet marshmallow orb
now a milky way


Good advise...in the light of things, and chocolate, always chocolate!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Yes to hot chocolate!! Yes to the moon!! Yes to visiting with you on Monday, Nov. 10th in your beautiful country, just over the bridge. An email soon to plot and plan.... xo


I love the idea to be free like a moon! The thick hot chocolate drinking right down my alley!


Loving your wonderful friendship with Maddie. I always read you two. Have a Happy Halloween Gilly! Enjoy the day with your beautiful children. Oh how I envy the hot chocolate recipe, wish I could have it.

Love your post, are you into Buddhism my friend?

Paris Parfait

I will bring you some chocolate from Paris, when I see you in New York! Love the Buddha, the poem, the tales of the moon (I am a night owl, after all). xoxox


Happy Halloween Blue!
Great poem!


When I saw the picture and the words chocolate...I thought it was a chocolate Buddha....
Chocolate stew
and cream
Uh huh!


Italian Hot Chocolate!


I'll bear that in mind, Blue.

Lovely post.


Mmmm...chocolate stew... You're right, it must be reserved for a special night...maybe under the stars with someone you love...and remember to pour a glass of wine or two, too!


Here's to chocolate and poets. It doesn't get much better than that.
; )

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