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October 26, 2008



Aloha Blue,
thanks for the great links,and reads.. I copied them to my notepad and will finish them later :)
As for wedding, yep, Mr Dan and I are in the same mindset as you and Julian.
I can't see spending $30K on invites, reheresals, clothing, bits n bobs like our friends just did. I'd rather give the money to Cancer research or something.
It'll be interesting to see what we come up with..
There's dream weddings and nightmare bills..lol..

Im sure no matter what, your will be perfect, because it's you :) xx
peace, Kai. xx


Thank you for posting so many helpful things regarding the food we eat. I will not be buying those baby carrots anymore, I will do as you say. Our kids deserve it. It is an exciting time for you girl, with so many plans and projects. I agree a Fall wedding is lovely. We had ours at the end of August 2003. I spent, I kid you not, $500.00. We are too frugal to see wasting money that otherwise could be spent on things we need or a trip on a wedding. We had it at my best friend's house. I could not have been any happier.


Thanks for posting that picture of Holguin.

Wayfaring Wanderer

I think you should get married in Hawaii, and invite all your bloggy friends ;)

I definitely see where you're coming from....I'm the biggest penny pincher ever, and I can't imagine spending that much money on a wedding......especially if it is my money! haha


Gill, you know how much your Dad and I spent on our wedding..very little.
We are here almost 41 years later, together and as happy as if we had spent a king's ransom. The day is about your marriage, not the 'wedding'. Do what makes you both happy, not what convention dictates, and others expect.
You have always marched to different drummer...don't stop now.


I agree....a lavish wedding, or even a small expensive event is only good if you have that money to "throw away"...I mean $40,000 is a lot of moolah and would put a a big dent in a house downpayment fund...and this is how I am 'coaching' my kids - buy the house and then get married 'cuz you won't be able to have a big wedding then.

Having said that, I do so love attending these beautiful events.

karen cole

Oh..those shoes and socks.....yes, I can't help but look down every few moments.....down at your last blog post, that is.

You always have the most amazing words of wisdom.


Hey Blue,
Yup! Just cast my vote!
Thank you for who your are!
Love ya~

Audrey Roberts

blog hopping and wanted you to know i love the blog!

Audrey Roberts

blog hopping and wanted you to know i love the blog!


Popped over from Soul Aperture. Great blog. And I too wash the organic carrots and peel them and slice them. When I found out that baby carrots were manufactured from the cores of carrots that weren't good enough to sell, I switched over.

Paris Parfait

Thank you, dear Gill, for the nod and the vote of confidence. As you know, the real vote that's important is next Tuesday and we're all hoping the change we deserve will at last come to fruition.

As for weddings, sometimes small and simple is the most romantic. D and I got married at Archbishop Lamy's private chapel in Santa Fe, NM. Only 12 people there and it was very special. Then dinner at Inn of the Anasazi.

The important thing is to do what you and Julian want - not what you think other people expect. After all, it all comes down to you and him and the love you share. That doesn't require lots of money to honour that or to celebrate your love! xoxox

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