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October 15, 2008



Beautiful, my friend! You have opened my eyes and taken me on a worldly journey. Poverty is real and there is no denying it.

Today is a day to devote to those who have been forgotten.

; )

Lisa P

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl. Sad that poverty is right in our own backyard in a country like this. You are such an awesome woman! Yes, give, give, GIVE...to those who are less fortunate.

Ironic you should blog about this. I am trying to teach Aiden about helping our fellow man at the moment. We packed up a bunch of food for our local food bank last week and he donated his own money to the Mission. We are now going through his toys because he wants to give some to little boys that don't have any. I was surprised to learn that women's shelters (here in Ottawa anyway) do not take donations of toys.

Paris Parfait

An excellent look at the ills of poverty and how we can help lessen the burden for those less fortunate. Great quotes, too. xoxox

My Castle in Spain

Today, i knew beautiful, powerful and wise words were awaiting me on your blog.
Thank you dear Gillian !!
I posted about it too but not so deeply..
Have a great day, sharing..


Aloha Gill,
Bluebird, this is a gorgeously complex post full of thought, kindness and generosity of heart..
thankyou for sharing, peace, Kai



Liberty Post Editor

What a thoughful post. I also love the new look of your blog!


Those words were like a jolt the spirit...to wake up and do something! You've inspired me once again. Thanks for sharing.

devil mood

I love that song :)
When people say money isn't everything, it gains a new sense when money really isn't worth anything because some countries are poor to the point of having nothing growing of their soils, of having absolutely no resources to feed and nourish their people, to provide basic care. Money really isn't much to them, but our money can be if we apply it in the right way.
Great post Gillian :)


Gill, Thanks for posting this. To always be grateful and mindful of those who have nothing is a perspective to strive for. ...and to take action in some fashion should always be a given.


Thanks for your advice to do something locally. So often we try to help from afar. When right in our own backyard people are in need.


Can you hear me standing and applauding over here!!

Keep telling their stories, keep speaking loud and clear these words of freedom and justice.

God knows the world needs intelligent, eloquent voices like yours, to take up the torch and burn.... for those whose lips are barred shut by the arrows of sickness and poverty and despair...

Your words are fire,

Keep burning,



I didn't know that it was Blog Action Day: Poverty today. You know, I hadn't thought of the pointlessness of tipping money in Cuba if they can't spend it on anything...or that it makes sense to give them something tangible instead.
Recently I watched an Oprah program about rudeness and someone mentioned on the show that some waitresses in the U.S. get paid their state's minimum wage of just over $2.00 an hour plus tips. Well, if they don't get tips, they don't make enough money to live. I was completely shocked by that minimum wage. It just seems so wrong, doesn't it?


An insightful and beautifully written post Gillian! Like Susanna, I didn't know it was Blog Action Day.
Your words and Sades touch me so. Especially what you said about the west spending billions on war, but neglecting the impoverished, also Sades words: there is a stone in my heart & it hurts like brand new shoes. (I've heard the song so many times, but never knew the lyrics).
The photo of Mother Theresa is beautiful.
I think on her her compassion. I let her essence seep into my soul.
She looks like a little gypsy in this photo.
Thank you again,
Thank you!

somewhere joe

The movie Beyond Borders is flawed, but I'll never forget the scene in a makeshift clinic in war-torn Africa, surrounded by suffering, where Clive Owen tells Angelina Jolie that the people, most of them dying, have literally nothing to comfort them... no home, little food, not even the cheapest pain control. 'They experience the pain just as God gives it,' he says.


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