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October 21, 2008


Paris Parfait

I adore Lala's cards - and Lala! How fabulous to have a weekend away w/ Maddie! By the way, am hoping to see you late this year. As for the mirror, when I am sad, I tend to avoid mirrors, other than the rituals of brushing hair and teeth. When I'm anxious, I probably look in mirrors too often, seeking reassurance. Sigh. Aging isn't always joyful. xoxox


I love LaLa's site and photos and stories...AND sitting by a fire in a cabin on the BC coast sounds like heaven!


Just stopping by to say hello and spread some good cheer!

*Hope you found the perfect zucchini muffin recipe!


Oh that IS a pretty card and I can just see them being sold at your spa, Gillian. They'll make perfect gift holders, won't they?

And sneaking off to a cabin with Maddie for some girl chatting time sounds wonderful! If I lived closer, I'd sneak in the back window and join you. I'd bring an assortment of coffees and chocolates. :)


Lala is my precious princess in the castle. She is so creative and sweet, I just love her. I hope one day to meet her.

Do I look at myself in the mirror? Oh yes, all the time. I know, I am one of those people.

I have Nov 2 set aside but have no clue what I will do. As to Maddy, I hope you get to visit her, you guys always come back with such great stories and inspiration.

Linda@lime in the coconut

Ahh. What a gorgeous little card! Looking in the mirror. Not tons...certainly in the a.m and then again pm. Probablyshould check more during the day!

Looking forward to see your day of the dead inspiration! Thanks for popping in on my blog!


Can't wait to see your photograph!
Also, Lala work is fabulous. She is too.
Coffee Madlyn? I'm her twin in that department.
This is an intriguing question and must look into buying this book that you for giving me the name!!
Have you ever been walking in a downtown area and saw someone you thought you knew? You think wow that person looks familiar, then as
you get closer you realize it's YOU!! Hah
Guess we don't know really how we look to others.

Looking in the mirror.
It's important to try to get it right, then let go.
It's important that sometimes (every year or so) I see my face in a 3 way, to see how it is aging and changing, to get a handle on who I am on the outside. I still forget my age, so it's important to make friends with the wrinkles, the imperfections on my outside person.
When I try to understand how I appear on the outside, it helps to understand how people respond to my image.

It is the life force that brightens a person.
Like you once said. THE SMILE that make a person come alive. NO mirror can catch the living soul of a person.

Hope all is well friend.
Thanks for making me think about this.

devil mood

Oh I do look in the mirror if I pass it by. I wish I didn't have to look so often but every time I go to the bathroom there it is. I think I agree with you: when I'm contented and happy I don't look at it so much. Or do I? ;)...

Really? Eyelashes grow with a product? Hmm, not that I need that *checks herself in the mirror again* lol

Wayfaring Wanderer

You know, I haven't really thought about it, but I hardly ever look in the mirror......I do in the morning and then again at night when I'm washing my face?!?! Although reflections do always catch my eye.


That card is lovely. I'll have to swing by her blog.

It sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful rainy day. As far as mirrors, if I don't feel good about myself, I don't look. Except for the occasional make-up touch up. If I'm feeling pretty, I tend to steal a glance when the opportunity arises. :)


Hello pretty lady! I look into the mirror when brushing my teeth and while drying my hair or putting on a bit of makeup.Take me as I am

My Castle in Spain

Dearest Gillian,

i'm so pleased and so flattered !! thank you , thank you....hope these little cards will go well in your shop..
Also , i'm so touched by all the lovely comments..
ah..blogland is truly an enchanting world!

oh..and this thing about growing eyelashes, does it really work ?


I really don't like looking at myself in the mirror which sometimes is a bad thing because then I'm walking around with broccoli stuck in my teeth without knowing it! lol

I love that handmade card Lala Ema sent you, it's gorgeous! I'll have to check them out on her site:-)

Now you have me curious as to what you are trying out to make your eyelashes grow...do tell!! xoxo


I'll stop by to visit the castillo en España en un momento...but I wanted to answer your mirror, mirror question. Yes, I look when I brush, floss, apply make up, and like you, whenever I notice my reflection I stay with it for a second...but not longer. There's no real vanity in that, I think. We all want to look our best and make sure we don't have zucchini muffin between our teeth. ;)

I'll have to google the recipe!

Lala's card is beautiful. I'm off to her castle now.

Enjoy your poetry and coffee and hey, don't forget to bat those lashes. ;)

Lisa P

What beautiful cards!
Please let me know about the eyelash thing. Mine are so non-existent without the help of my friend mascara.

I have to say I never really noticed how often I look in the mirror.To check my hair, teeth and makeup when venturing out. I always do the after the shower inspection (can't be avoided with 2 very large mirrors in the bathroom)...and yes, am very critical every time.... but just to look? hmmmmm, now I will pay more attention every time I take a peek.

You once again have inspired me with an idea. I think I may take a day and photograph my city...the nations capital is a very pretty city.

Much love to you and yours

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