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October 20, 2008



Aloha Gill,
how's things? Prayers to your dad..
I love the picture of your spider, she's a cutie, but I think all things (Except giant centipedes, mosquitoes and tiny knats ) should be left alone to just live.
I am spending most of my week totally cleaning out my back garden, but I could be tempted to run amuck about BC and take some pictures..lol..
PEace n hugs, Kai xx

Lady Laurie

The spiders ok as long as she stays outside, if she got in my house she would be toast!
Looks like a busy year ahead for your family ~
Keeping your Dad in my prayers.

Paris Parfait

Not a fan of spiders (other than Charlotte), but that's a great shot! Hope you have fun photographing windows! And I got your terrific card in today's mail. Merci bien! xoxox

devil mood

A lot of events going on there! Charlotte seems to live the quietest life of all. Ok, keeping fingers/toes crossed, prayer in lips, lucky clover in hat ;)


Lots of prayers aloft for your dad.

Have fun photographing your city. I can't wait to see them. I'll do the same once I've saved enough for a new camera.

Sounds like love is in the air in your realm. Enjoy!

Lisa P

Sounds like you will be one busy girl this year! Glad to hear that all the busy-ness is based on love. News about weddings and babies is always the best kind of news.
All the best to your dad. Hope all is ok and wishing him a speedy recovery.
Much love and dragees to you my friend.


i'm not sure how u manage to capture so beautifully. anyway congrates for all the good events happening in ur life. hope ur dad's surgery goes/went well. blessing and cheers. :)

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