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September 01, 2008


Abraham Lincoln

Interesting post. I read it but must have missed something somewhere. I still had your old email address and had been using that and then today when I got back on my computer I clicked this link.

Wayfaring Wanderer

Boy you've got a lot of things floating through your head! I'm very much the same way, although I suspect you may be better at getting things done than me :)

Are you watching the new project runway?! I love that show!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Tea and gratitude are among the finest things in life. Your photos are gorgeous.
And, oh my, I received the most wonderful package in the mail today. Filled with treasures, if you can believe it. All the way from Canada! Look for my email, Darling Woman...

xo from Buffalo


I have to say I am just madly in love
with the painting you made for me
sweet girl ~ it makes me feel glorious and
alive and possible in this world when
i look at it ~ which is always and often
as it is in my living room:)

i am in no hurry for the dress ~ so
don't worry ~ i am buying some indian
outfits next week ~ dreaming of my return
trip there gets me all revved up :)

aaaaand.....ohhhhhhhh you would look


in an Indian bridal dress with lots of

G O L D embellishments"_

I LOVE you!



Group hugs and pedicures with the kiddies...sounds sweet. ;)

I love the steamy teacup photo. I could just taste the cinnamon in there.

Btw, I need to get me some of that ON THE PROWL colour. Just for giggles. :)


I like your tea tins and lately, I've been drinking tea more than coffee, which I like as well.

Your photos are always beautiful and artistic. Thanks.

robin bird

well i just enjoyed this post so very much! you have so much gratitude for the simple things that make up your life. and you are always so much 'yourself' in your posts. conversational, light yet serious about serious things...poverty for one.

i am glad the melancholy has passed for now.


Wonderful, uplifting post! It really is the little things in life that count.

Paris Parfait

Oh, honey you will look gorgeous even in a paper wedding dress! Love this post and its sunny optimism. Love you! xoxox

Lady Laurie

Great post Gillian,
My Nana had a thing about tea being the cure all for whatever ails you. I think she hit the spot on that one. Love Harney teas too ~ have you tried Jane's Garden Tea?


Dear Blue,
So much to be happy & grateful for! Especially "group hugs". Thanks for letting us share in all your little~ huge joys!

Like you, I feel deep joy when bloggers get to meet in real life!! It is a miracle how the written word ties us all together, how we can feel the essence and openness of another soul enough to trust. Some of the woman who came to Karen's, their friends couldn't believe they would get on a plane and go to a persons house they didn't know. ;-)

Divinge Design will love you Gillian!! How could they not?!!

Will email about bumble bee in a moment.

pam aries

bonjour my friend!reading your post has been a joy this morning! YOU ARE A LOVELY SOUL AND SO IS YOUR MOM. I WISH WE COULD MEET..WOULDN'T IT BE FUN TO HAVE LUNCH IN PARIS WITH TARA AND ANNA???? our blogging connection to all these fantastic people is unbeievable..isn't it .We ARE wealthy already aren't we!!!!

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

Darling Gillian........you write with an essence that soothes the soul. Your deep appreciation for life in general is palpable and highly contagious!
I, too, value PEOPLE and those sublime connections we make through this extraordinary medium. I have a list a mile long of those I still long to meet....YOU of course at the top. I can see you in an Indian dress, I can see Henna hands and gold embellishments - but it will be the biggest smile on the planet that will be the glow whatever you wear!
(just don't do Kabuki - hahahahaha)
Love you!


I'm laughing at Lisa's comment. No Lisa she won't do Kabuki, thats for the mother of the bride...lol


Is Olivia going to be your model? Project Blogway will be fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Hey I go to bed exhausted every night...even on days I do absolutely nothing.


That is a day full of adventure and riches. You always remind me of how amazing everything is, if one just pays attention.

A Fanciful Twist

Promises promises... promised you a miracle... As golden days break wondering
Chance as love takes a train
Summer breeze and brilliant light
Only love she sees...

Oh sorry, I though I was meeting you at the 11th grade dance???

I love all these beautiful moments! plus, those photos!! My goodness Gillian, your photos just get more and more phenomenal with each snap!! You may have a new calling!! xoxo

Radio show? T.v. show?? what?? YAYYYY!!


They call her
because her soul
is a wave
that crests and foams
and ripples to
unknown shores

They call her blue
She smiles
and softshoes to that
wild blue rhythm
no one else can hear

Azure or indigo
cornflower or cerulean

She knows every
shade by heart

the blue

whose heart
runs as deep
as her song

Loving you, M


Enchanting post and images, Gillian. Those tea tins are awesome.

Mary T.

How could they not love you immediately? What a silly you are! They will love you!


Oh, this post makes me feel happy! There are so many joyful things you've listed here, Gillian. And of course Divine Design will like you. They are going to love you! And they are going to do such an amazing job with your place. That's my favourite home design show...and now I get to see you on the show, too. Cool!

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