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September 10, 2008



As your Grandmother was fond of saying
"You don't get tame rabbits out of wild ones"
I remember those days with you and your brother, the final straw days. Everyone has them, to send them to bed with your voice ringing in their ears is good for a deluxe guilt trip and all the excursions on offer.
To kiss and make up, and remember they are only 8 and 3 and it's on the job training for all of you is the best way to conclude the episode.
Who knew my wild child would turn into such a loving, responsible and patient Mum..?
You are doing a great job..
Keep on doing what you are doing.
your dedicated, crazy and insane Mother


what a good posting!

i have no children
but if i did
i hope i would feel the same way
about raising them.

strong~willed and determined
makes for successful survivors,
don't you think?


and this--->Guilt of Parenthood,
i imagine that would be needed
to help balance out
this---->Joy of Parenthood
so that your sweeties
turn out Normal.

what do i know!?!?
my mom turned me out OK,
i am thinking...
as did yours, missy.


I second 'somepinkflowers'!


Thanks for reminding me, I'm not alone in this crazy parenting world without a manual. I have days like these A LOT now that I have a 12-year old who's going on 21, who knows everything, like I did when I was 14 (they start younger now!). Preparate, Chica...it's all worth it though, as you say. It's madness but a madness I can't live without.

You sound like an awesome mom, btw. A balanced woman. They gotta love ya! I love ya, too! ;) Cuidate, niña!


Aloha Blue,
I don't know how many times I've threatened my daughter with "instant" death over something she has done..Angel/holy terror that she is..
We call each other every day now, just to say hello.. We are both strong willed, but know when to say sorry..and that's more important to both of us..
Shelia did a wonderful job with you!!
and in turn you are a great mummy to your angels.. :)
Peace, Kaibirdie. xx

Lisa P

Oh soul sister..I was in tears reading this. I too know the mommy guilt you speak of all too well. There are times I lie awake at night wanting to take something back or wishing I had handled a 5 year old dilemma better. Nothing tears your down more than being a mom. But nothing builds you back up more either. Crazy....CRAZY!!
I had a little spat with Aiden the other morning and lost it a little on him. He was near tears and he said "Would you like it if I made you feel like this?" When I said no he said "Then why did you do it to me?" Now THAT my friend tore me to the quick. He is quite wise my boy is. In an instant my anger was diffused and guilt took over but there was love...so much love. Amazing creatures to have so much power of us eh?
You are a wonderful, wonderful mummy! Kudos to Sheila for having a hand in that.


Your girls are blessed to have you as a mom.
You love them enough to make boundaries for them. Kids with no limits are miserable and insecure...I work with some of them who get away with murder because their parents can't be bothered with the hassle it takes to say "NO".

Wayfaring Wanderer

I had her pinned, and she was almost down for the count, but she popped back up again and had me in a headlock.......LOVE THAT! I don't know anything about being a parent, but I think you have an awesome attitude about the give and take it requires.

devil mood

Aww, this is such a lovely post!
What a great night you had!

robin bird

this is very past tense experience for me but memories return quickly as i watch rachel with olivia. you are such a good mom for posting this honest description of the day before and the day after. any other mom reading has the opportunity to give up her guilt..at least for today :)


Hi Friend,
A Peace Pipe!!!!!!!

Note to self:
Must buy a Peace Pipe.
Listen to Gillian!! Yes!!
What a handy object! And not to big.
Must remember find mine and carry it at all times!!
Because you never know.

Love you,


The relationship between mothers and daughters is especially complex. Your girls are so fortunate to have you as their mom. You consider the repercussions of your - and their - behavior deeply. ...and you are as human as the rest of us, Gill. Just tell that ol' guilt to take a hike, and know in your heart that you will always do the very best you can in the moment, and that will always be okay because it comes from such a loving soul.

Paris Parfait

Yes, it all passes - these are phases and thankfully, the relationships improve. You are a great mom and I'm sure both your daughters will someday thank you! Missed you while I was in London. xoxox

India J

I've just arrived here from god-knows-where - glad I found your blog though - I can soo relate to what you're going through.
As a mother of two girls: 18 and 14, may I just say, it does get better (and sometimes alot worse before then getting better "for good"..!) so just keep to your principles and remember, it's a caring and loving parent that says NO and means it..!

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