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September 08, 2008



OMG! You are a star!!! What a divine pic of you and Candace and crew. How much fun did you have anyway???? Love Chico's pic too!LOL!What great looking people you all are!


You'll have to record it when it is broadcast and put it on You Tube, I'd love to see it...


Wow!! Now you'll be even more famous!! What wonderful exposure for your Spa Gillian!! I'm so happy for you and I have to say that it is sooooooo cool that you met Candace!!!



You crack me up.

You really do look like the 'stah' of the show there though...

Cant wait to see the whole thing on Youtube.

Love to you, M

devil mood

This is all very exciting! :)
I love the massage picture, group massage - that's an interesting idea. lol

Oh I'd really love to visit your Spa some day :)

My Castle in Spain

You all look so cool and..yes...definitely the stars of the day !!!
Love the pics and I agree..put it on You tube!

ps: guess what ? your cards have been shipped this morning....

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

I am completely and totally in AWE! I am a huge fan of hers, the show and especially Chico!!! He cracks me up and is always game to dress up or act silly while being a master electrician. BUT beyond that look at YOU - beautiful, now a STAR, you!!! What fun that must have been, I can't wait until it airs HERE!!! ANd congrats on them choosing YOUR spa...just think of the publicity now too!! woohoo!!!
I hope you won't forget us little people who knew you when........:)

Love and hugs,


Had to sneak back here and get another peek at Chico. I just love DD!
Looking forward to the new season!



this is so VERY COOL!


for sure, missy!

yes, yes,

{{ that candace is one tall drink of water }}


I am so thrilled for you!! This is an amazing picture!! You lucky duck and wow. What a beauty you are!!!

somewhere joe

That guy in the vest is enjoying himself a little too much. We're gonna have to arm wrestle. You're MY stah. Patrick can be my second in case I'm seriously injured.

So when does your segment go? Let's have a coast-to-coast virtual launch party! You look mahvelous. You're great on camera! Can't wait to see it.


My dear, you ARE a Stah!! ;-)


Wow Mz. Blue. Lucky you!!! And um, how come Gemma gets Chico all to herself? I'm going to have to have a talk with her. LOL
I will watch for this episode. We get Devine Design here on HGTV, but don't know if we get ALL the shows. Hope so! Lucky you! What fun. xoxoxo

Wayfaring Wanderer

Awesome! Seems like it's been a long time coming eh?

That one guy giving you a massage looks like he's kneading your butt ;) Watch out now!

I can't wait to check out the show.....how exciting for you.


Oh CHICO, my Phillipino dream boat!!!!! Oh Gillian please let us know when it airs. This is great, it is going to bring you so much business and I am so glad you got to meet the Goddess!

Mary T.

Ah, Gill,
You outshine them all! What a fun day. It is nice to know that Chico is as fun as he looks. He makes everyone smile because his is so infectuous. What a fun day!


Cool Blue,
Wish I was there!

Lisa P

That is awesome!! Wow...should I be star struck the next time we speak? Congrats to you! Let us know when it will air. So excited for you!!!


OMGoodness!! It's Chico!!


Ditto on Chico!!

robin bird

i adore your enthusiasm for being a *star*! and keeping us in the loop is a good thing because we are all following along and enjoying your success. a spa to the stars!!
go gillian!!


Oh, Gill, how exciting!! See how special you and your place is - you were the chosen one!

I'm glad you had such a lovely day with such lovely people. Like attracts like. xoxo

Paris Parfait

Gorgeous girl, you look mahvelous! And in such fine company. I've always thought that Cisco was quite the guy - lucky you to get to meet all of them. I appreciate Candace's designs and used to watch the show when I lived in the US. Of course, they're all very lucky to have met you! xoxox


Just making my rounds of the blogs I love.

I'm so jealous! I love Candice and her team!! You are a lucky lady to have her give you a photo massage!


I just think you are utterly adorable and
i can't wait to see that show!!!

I love your beaming smiley face

darn! i am so annoyed i didn't get to
see your spa this summer but
next time i come to toronto which
might be soon ~ i am getting the WORKS

maryam in marrakech

eeek, I am late to the party but how very fun in every way:) And man, Candace is TALL!

Felicia D.

I'm at home watching candice's show and pulled up this blog on the computer. I really enjoy her show. She seems to have a more upscale view of decor. Many of the TV interior design stars seem to base thier designs on trendy colors and items which will be out of vogue next year. I wondered why no one on TV uses antiques in thier decor. Is it too difficult and/or time consuming to find the right items? Her taste (Candice) seems to support an inclusion of antique items. Does she use vintage and antique elements in her own home? Mention of her views on antiques somwhere, sometime in an episode would be interesting. I just went to Europe on a quest for antique items and I realize that finding the right item is a matter of luck and hard searching. I went with the tour group EuropeAntiqueTrip check out thier website if you can. Well, back to the TV to watch the rest of her show!


Gillian what a wonderful experience to meet the design gang!! I remember watching Candice when she was on City TV before she was famous and had her own show...LOVE her man CHICO!! Holy moly what an exciting day!! :)NG

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