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August 30, 2008



Beautiful pictures...we loved Niagra and hope to return soon. You do have a way of creating magic you know...

No Candace! Well, she is missing out on something special but you will have so much fun with the crew! I can not wait to see the finished project! This is exciting!


maryam in marrakech

man, your images are getting so good!!! Did you get a new camera?

PS Thank you so much for the Style Hive. Not sure what is but thank you, thank you.........Sales have been a little dry and I need to landscape. Sigh.


Beautiful, beautiful! I love this post!

Mary T.

Oh, I'm so sorry Candice isn't going to be there, but this is still a coup! How great for the business! Yippee!


Love the teacup!
How's typepad working for you?

angela marie

Wow! Where are we going next?! I love the places you go girl!

Your photo's are beautiful!

How exciting about Candace's crew!


Paris Parfait

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a wonderful time together. And I used to watch Olson's show when I lived in the US. xoxox


Aerodynamically, bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly. But they do.

Ferris Wheels were always the scariest of rides to me. Especially when they stop near the top and my car starts rocking... oy. More hair-raising than roller coasters.

That 1812 menu fascinating. The sumptuous mixed with the bygone... roast duck, apricot tarts... calves ears a la braise! Doesn't look like they went hungry, anyway.


Beautiful photos, especially those of Niagara Falls...a place that will forever remind me of my childhood summers. Thanks for the memories.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

I love the Rainbow bridge. Such a symbol of connection and possibilites. My favorite moment is to cross the bold, white line of "no man's land" between the 2 countries.

And the Falls? A thrill no matter how many times it is viewed.

xo from Buffalo


What a beautiful pic of the waterfall, and what astounding facts! You must have had a fascinating time. So happy you're back!


Delicious looking cup of tea. I could use that right now! And the pic of the falls is outstanding. I've been to the U.S. side. Kind of scary, too, but fabulous work of Mother Nature. I sent you an email, hope it went thru. I get frustrated working from Firefox! xoxoxo


The fact that you more than notice all these things, is the reason you enjoy your life fully. Really it's all in the details.
love you
Have fun with DD crew
Say "Hi" to Chico from me!

devil mood

Wow! What a magnific set! I don't think I would get that close to a bee ;) The rainbow over the falls is priceless.

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