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August 19, 2008


A Fanciful Twist

I will have to make you an original, all for you!!! You are such a sweetie!!! xoxo


Oh YES ~ Ooh YESSSSSS!! Me too, me too!!!
I'm in love with Vanessa's work AND even more with VV! She is one amazing person. Such a sparking heart, and imagination galore!! Thank you for featuring her here at Indigo B!!!!!!!

Happy day to you friend!


Aloha BlueBabe,
Oh gosh, how can anyone not adore Vanessa's work? It's like getting lost in a dream scape, with adventure waiting to happen.. I don't know why , but it reminds me of a Luther Vandross concert I went to where he had a ballerina on the piano dancing to him singing Superstar..
Funny the images that art creates in a mind..
PEace n fun, Kai xx


I found It on you tube :)
peace, kaikai xx

Mary T.

I'm so glad you have art on your walls to bring you joy. Money on art beats money for a podiatrist anyday, don't you think?! I do!

Paris Parfait

Dearest Gill, Isn't her latest group of paintings fabulous??!! Am so glad you got that one (even if not the original). That's one thing about Vanessa's work - one has to be quick, before it's snapped up! I hope one of these days I'll get to see your VV art in person! And hope to see YOU later this year in NYC! Lots of love! xoxox

devil mood

Ah, I too love Vanessa's work. She's amazing and she always has a new thing she's done on her blog. So much creativity in one person :)


I love that painting! It would look fantastic on the wall of my music room. I need to click on that link and get me one of those...or one like it.


Oh, I love it!! I'm going to have to check out her site. Money well spent indeed!

angela marie

Oh wow! She is beautiful! I will definately check her out.



I like, "The Siren Finds Her Voice, by Vanessa Valencia."

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