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August 28, 2008


somewhere joe

What a lovely morning walk, mon bleaux... now for the tea. I'm an acolyte of the reclining Buddha.


I really like your posts...
nice trips, nice photos, thanking you for sharing...


Oh, I think I might go a little mad there wanting to visit all of the beautiful statues and whisper to them - what beauty!!! I can't wait to see more - hope that you are having a wonderful wonderful time!!

devil mood

I'm already more relaxed :)
Lovely statues, I can hear the soothing sound of silence!

Wayfaring Wanderer

I would have some fun photographing those statues, how beautiful!!

I've got a long weekend too.....much needed!

angela marie

Beautiful Photo's!

You find the neatest places to go to!

Kate Robertson


I loved these images. Especially the lotus and the elephant which brings a smile to my face,


Mary T.

Ahhh, Very peaceful and beautiful! We love it!


How did you ever manage to get yourself out of this Paradise?? I'd have to be forced on a plane at gunpoint!

Beautiful photos, Blue. :)


The elephant head on a man's body is a Ganesh, an Hindu God. All of your pictures were beautiful, many thanks.

Paris Parfait

More lovely photos...looks very serene and peaceful. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Were your ears burning? Anna and I were talking about you and Sheila at dinner Thursday night. xoxox


What lovely photos. Ganesha has always been my favorite. In fact, I have a reclining Ganesha on a glass pedastal table in the entryway of my apt. I also love that they have a Buddhist text as well as a Bible.

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