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August 24, 2008



Have a wonderful time. These family trips will mean as much to your children as yours did to you. As will the fact that you yourself are so aware of the importance of your time together. They remember things like that. xoxo


I love Niagara Falls! When I lived in upstate NY, I would visit twice a year AT LEAST, and the Maid of the Mist boat rocked! ;) Literally.

The horseshoe falls were my favorite...and there's nothing like that cool mist in the summertime. Have a drink for me at the Skylon Tower. Man, am I homesick!

Enjoy my favorite wonder of the world! I don't need to remind you, but TAKE LOTS OF PICS!! :)

angela marie

Have fun Gillian! What a way to end your summer. Out with a BANG!
I have never been there... but, I have always wanted to.



Have a great time!! As soon as I read "maid of the mist" I thought of Bruce Almighty. lol Watch out for crazed anchor men. :)

somewhere joe

Negative ions galore! Come back refreshed. The kids will be wowed.


Have a blast! Don't forget to take some pics! : )

Wayfaring Wanderer

Now that sounds like FUN! I have yet to go....can't wait to see some photos :)


Gee, it always seems like you are always off to some fantastic place! I'm jealous! Enjoy and relax and if I were you I would definitely capitalize R&R and maybe even bold it! :D

Paris Parfait

No doubt you'll have a wonderful time - all of you! Looking forward to hearing about your end-of-summer adventures - with photos, of course! xoxox

gypsy alex

hey girly! got my gorgeous photographs! thank you!!! i love the 'morocco' pic as is :) and the lotuses are just divine.... you know, the lotus is my favorite flower - symbol - ever!
send me your addy so I can return the joy! Thank you!!! xxox


Girl, that store is not only calling you but calling me!!! Yummy! The kids will have amazing memories to look back on.

Mary T.

What a perfect time of year to visit! Have a wonderful time! I know you will. It has tons of water!

devil mood

Oh I'd love to visit the falls! Here's another film placed there:

I always watched Marilyn Monroe films in the Summer.

Enjoy your trip!


Oh wow, I can't believe we were both in Niagara Falls on the same weekend! We also went into the Hershey store and the Louis Tussaud Wax museum...such fun we had there. We didn't go on the Maid of the Mist this time but I want to go again soon. I have a friend who used to be a waitress at the Beef Baron so I've eaten there a few times...she's since moved to BC so I miss seeing her whenever I go to the Falls. Hope you had as fun a time as I had:-) xoxo

karen Cole

Have a wonderful time Gillian!!!!

I want to see some spray on that camera.

pam aries

Niagara! Have fun! I was ther e many years ago and did those tourist things. It was fun ! Love ya, Rich Woman!


Aww, gee...I thought you were going to expose me to another Niagara Falls movie, but it was a clip of the one I already like best!

Have a great time! Can't wait to hear about all the fun you've had!

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