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August 20, 2008


Lisa P

Cool pic and tres cool tune!

mmmm, love the smell of the my childrens heads. Wonder if that changes as they get older? I guess it would be weird smelling my kids head when they are 30. If they will let me, I will do it dammit!

Yes, pray. Pray for all those that are so unfortunate. Pray for all that we have and for what we don't have. We are blessed.

Much love to you and yours


The Spanair disaster is a tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to all who died, and their families.

Coconut Planet is amazing. Jason Schwartzman has long been a fave of ours Blue..! Darjeeling Limited was an fabulous film. This guy is a great actor, musician, and screenwriter.
But then he comes from an amazing family tree..!


Hi Blue, Long time since I've talked with you.
Luv all the beautiful pictures of your family's vacation.I see you luv "Fanciful Twist" and your very lucky to own one of her prints. I just read about her in Artful Blogger and of course knew of her for some time. I have been very busy with family and life in general and started an on -line class in mixed media with Suzi Blu....it's a ball. I also opened up a shop on Etsy and working on my writing and art at the moment.Hope to come back more often and catch up with lost blogging friends.
Take care,
Luv Annabelle


Hey, I just blogged about the photo you sent me. I am still in awe of it. To me, it means the world. Thank you for touching my soul with your images. Love ya.


The smell of my babies heads is a beautiful thing! It seems no matter how old they get it is a smell I am blessed with. Maybe it's the knowing they are so close to me. : )

Paris Parfait

Amen, amen and amen, dearest Gill. My sentiments exactly. xoxox

Paris Parfait

P.S. Great photos! Were those taken w/ a macro lens? xoxox

Gillian responds;
Tara, no actually! It was meters away and I was using one of my huge paparazzi lens thingies and it just turned out that way. I was quite impressed with my unintentional talent!! xo

somewhere joe

Unfurling ferns and nautilus shells... from galaxies to DNA, spirals are a persistent theme in creation. Some cultures revere them.

To be present at your girls' discoveries is a kind of witness to creation, the first day of a sunset, a sundae, a sand dune. Nothing will ever be the same.

When I lived in NY the New York Times, around holidays, used to print "Remember the neediest" here and there in the newspaper. It stuck. Twenty years later and it's still my mantra. Remember the neediest. That right there.


Why did I type Coconut Planet..? Doh..!
You know what I meant..


Mum your home planet must just come to mind naturally every now and then...xo


Yes, all the wonders of the universe are contained in the smallest of moments and experiences.

Much light and love to those who need it most.

...and to you and yours. xoxo

angela marie

Ferns are pretty and they are neat to see when they first do there thing.
I didn't realize your little one was so young... Wow! She is just a baby!

What happened in Spain is sad... it broke my heart to see the people there in such grief. Sad.

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

There is always a serene quality to the way you write, the way you think, the way you see things. Your photos an additional testament to that. I love the things that come out of children's mouth - it's so pure.
Love you,


Hi Blue,
As usual enjoy your words and art! I notice on your sidebar you are reading the Alchemist. So am I right now. cool!!!

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