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August 17, 2008



lucky YOU.


if only i could feel
~~the hot healing stone massage through~~
this computer!!!!

angela marie

The market looks fabulous! I will look at your pictures and dream of strolling down browsing through the vendors myself.

It looks like a wonderful vacation! And your wedding plans so far sound so much like you already! I look forward to the results!


Aloha Gill, love the market..Bad Ass coffee is yummie, sitting above Kona in their little coffee shop, watching cruise ships sail in and out at sunset.. :)
I brought the Blue aloha luggage, lol.. It's so easy to spot at the airport, Mr Dan has the matching one..
I'm glad you indulged in the Lomi-ness of Hawaii..it's truly paradise!!
AS for weddings, well, mine is still end of 2009, there is nothing out there for my *situation*, so I'm counting on you to be the perfect bride!!
peace, Kai xxx

Paris Parfait

Oh I think that place would do me a world of good - especially that stone massage! Thanks for sharing the delightful photos. xoxox

karen Cole

Terrific images of one of my favorite spots. I've been lucky enough to have been to Hawaii 8 times. Every island. Not sure which is my favorite. I suppose whichever one I am currently on., though the flower farm b& b we stayed in on Kauii was spectacular.

Wish I could sit and pour over those bridal mags with you. What fun!


Would it be too much to ask for one of each? The message, the coffee, the lemonade...
: )


Looks like a great market. Lots to see and do and that massage sounds like heaven!

Wayfaring Wanderer

What a neat little place, I can't wait till it's my turn to go to Hawaii! Thanks for sharing :)

pam aries

Yo ! THank you for this loverly traipse through the market! Coffee is my first love ..right up there next to chocolat! Kona rocks!

My Castle in Spain

Holà Gillian !

oh..this sounds truly PARADISIACO...yes I would love to try this stone massage !

we also have birds-of-paradise here on the coast. Love those flowers...

Have a great monday !

ps: i think you would like my monday post :-) (re cards)


Thank you for sharing with us! Ohhh I just love coffee!!! I had to say that... Thanks again for sharing with us!

Mary T.

The pineapple, leis, tiki carvings, and the hot pink luggage sound terrific along with the massage, but the blackened fish with the fixings almost did me in. Yum-O! as Racheal Ray would say!


It looks and sounds like heaven! I've been thinking about getting a hot stone massage. I've never had one, but will heed your advice and take the leap.

Do keep us posted on your wedding plans. How lucky are you to have the best photographer on the planet as your dear friend!! xoxo


It has been too long since I was visiting Hawaii. Those pineapples . . . I could smell them from here! ;-)

Maryam in Marrakech

Hmmmm, I will have the pink themed luggage filled with macadamia nuts. Overnight delivery to Marrakech. Thank you!!!:)


Engaged!! Congratulations...see what happens to me when I ignore the computer that calls to me daily...lots happens in the blogger world. I am truly enjoying all your photos and news from the world beyond Newmarket ha. I hope to pop into your spa while in Toronto for TIFF next month...or is that when the "Olsen re-do" is happening?


Forget the Bad Ass coffee, these are some bad-ass photos, Blue! You know how to take them so they pop right out at you and make you feel like you're there. If only I could be in Hawaii. I have dreams of Hawaii and now you're making me want to make them a reality.

What I wouldn't give for a hot healing stone massage with lomi lomi (whatever that is). It sounds fabulous!!

I can't wait to hear more about your funky wedding! I'm dreaming of being there.


your banner is SOOOO AA-MM-AA-ZZ-II-NG.

and your pictures so very ... dreamy..boy, you are good..very good.


Thank you for sharing these shots. Especially the ones of the lei's (did I spell that correctly). I've never been to Hawaii, so this is fun!


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