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August 12, 2008



I love that last photo!! I am such a homebody but I do like to travel once in awhile....as you said, we all need to recharge our batteries.


yes yes YES

this----->De-fragmenting your hard drive!


how perfectly PUT!

{{ to be like the Buddha
calm in the sea breeze }}

i see some~red~flowers here
for printing...


So glad you could get away Gillian!
So much to bring home when we leave and absorb.
Stored memories that live in us, ones that shape who we are. One's that no one can take away.
Don't you believe it is important for both parents and children to have a break from one anther every now and then? It's a good policy.

Hugs to you, you Engaged woman!


Aloha Blue bird,
I love the anthuriums you posted, arn't they gorgeous? as for unwinding, Im glad you got on Hawaiian time and really enjoyed your time there..but there's no place like home.
peace n hugs, kai xx

ps got my card, mahalo!!

Wayfaring Wanderer

What beautiful scenery.....boy does my hard-drive need to be de-fragmented right now!


Your new home is lovely!

Lovely photographs:-)

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

You are absolutely right!!!
I am in need of just such a battery recharge, a long overdue defragmenting(love that) and I know when I can finally do that......home WILL take on a whole new perspective when I return.
I am so loving that last image...it's very calming and very serene. Pretty much what I'd like to be doing right now...eyes closed sitting near the ocean.
When I say "I", I actually mean WE (as in G and I).
Love you,

devil mood

It is often one of the best parts about going away - getting back home and seeing things with different eyes. I definitely need to de-cache but it will only happen in September.


Beautiful pictures! I am amazed at the trees swaying in the background. It's as though I can feel the breeze in my hair : )


Ohhh how beautiful! Thanks for sharing all of these photo's with us! *HUGS*

Mary T.

Ah, what a wonderful post on the restoration your are feeling in your soul and body and mind. I'm so glad Gill, as you go at it with all your might when you are at home. Think what you'll accomplish this year! The mind boggles!

somewhere joe

Welcome back, defragged one. Such lovely pictures! I see even the lions greeted you with fancy hair-dos and flowers in their teeth. That's our Gill.


Love that: Cleaning your cache and defragmenting done via vacation.
Think we all require that
for optimum performance OS. :-)

From my heart here is a big bunch
of love to all of you.


First of all, congratulations on your engagement! That's exciting news!

Also, I completely understand what you are saying about traveling and then returning home. I also love to see new places, meet new people but there's something so nice about returning home to the familiar. It's nice to just live quietly at home during the first few days or week after a trip, to let all the happy memories and the relaxation soak into our muscles and bones and mind.

Anyway, I'm sure your kiddies LOVE having you back. Did you bring them home any presents?


Hey, are those statues of limitations? Or maybe the opposite.


mmm...that is a great wish. i will wish it too! :)

Maryam in Marrakech

d-fragmenting your hard drive....love that! And lovely images, G.


Lovely blog! Will check back often!!


I'm not sure about the re-frag. after today I think it might just be re-booting you need...lol


It's good to hear you were able to let go and enjoy yourself freely, indulging in everything Hawaii had to offer.

This post is a reflection of the beauty you soaked up on the islands. So kind of you to spread it around, to share the gift with everyone who visits. I feel rejuvinated already!

Btw, you take awesome pics, Blue. These flowers can't look this beautiful in real life...or can they?


" There's no place like home." Especially after a wonderful holiday. Your pictures are exceptionally beautiful.

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, Grounded can be oh soooo gooooood!!! LOVING your photos!! They are really awesome! xoxo


Though I'm more of a homebody nowadays, there really is something about going away to make us truly appreciate and see home with fresh eyes, when we return. I think I could use a taste of that...
Beautiful photos, Gillian~xo

pam aries

De fragmenting anything is a good feeling! ha ! But I think I was born de fragmented..no wait that would be DEmented. mwa ha! Are you reveling in your richness and wealth? Money is flying at you from all directions!


I know just what you mean about home looking so different when you return from being away for awhile. Its a perspective I haven't had in awhile, but hope to soon.

I'm glad you had such a magical vacation, Gill.


So happy for you, hon!

angela marie

It is nice to get away. I am so happy that you got to. You do see things differently when you get home.
The photos are wonderful!

I am thinking about getting away... only thinking.

Paris Parfait

So true - it's always good to get away, but wonderful coming home to the nest. Gorgeous photos, my dear friend. xoxox

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