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April 23, 2009


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Oh gosh you make me giggle! Or should I say your hubby made me giggle.

I love your thrifty finds so cool, i am a big fan of the hunt, no better way to spend an afternoon.

This singer reminds me of Kate Bush, now I'm dating my self. Have a great Friday.

Tara Bradford

Nothing like a man with a sense of humour! :) I am a fan of Bat for Lashes too. And hooray for you eating healthily and for your cool thrifty finds! I love old cameras, almost as much as old typewriters. But I am resisting buying the old ones, as I am seriously short of space. But if I see a really cool old camera here, I'll get it for you! Bonne weekend, dear Gill! xoxox


I had a starflash... in black, of course, since I was a 7 year old professional. I can still hear those flashbulbs tink and sizzle.

LOL @ Julian. I WILL try the veal...


oh he's got jokes! And funny ones. : ) Love the camera!


Funny - real funny! Thrifting is something I also love! We'll do that together sometime soon ok? xoxo


I LOVE coconut records! I wasnt keeping up on them... didn't know they had a new album! Thanks!!!!


Wow, you hit the jackpot with that one, Gill. I'd love to have that kind of wit around me on a regular basis!

Love the idea of eating "clean". Very intriqued.

devil mood

LOL funny chat!
Wow detox-eating, I'd like to try that. Perhaps I should take photos of my face to see what I looked like before hahaha

Speaking of photos, yours are unbelievable lately. Love them!


You are one lucky girl :)

LOVE Bat for Lashes!

Kathy Jacobson

Too funny!


Your photography is awesome!
Why did I stay away so long?
You are absolutely making my day.

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